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YBF INTERVIEW: Keke Palmer -- Her Take On The Aaliyah & Whitney Biopics, Her Crush On YG, & That Child Star Curse!


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Keke Palmer is flourishing in her new gig as the host of her own brand new talk show, "Just Keke", on BET.  We caught up with the YBF chick on the set recently.  And in between the fun and foolery going down between takes, we chopped it up with Keke about some things we've been wanting to know.  Check out our interview inside...

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She's a 20-year-old fab chick could totally be every girl's bestie or fun & fly little sister.  On screen, Chicago-area-born Keke Palmer has gone from kicking ass in spelling bees to portraying a member of an iconic girl group to starring in a hit Nickelodeon sitcom to hosting her very own talk show. 

YBF's L.A. Correspondent Lauren Smith headed to the L.A. set of the singer/actress' new "Just Keke" talk show to chit chat about her groundbreaking new show (she's the youngest talk show host EVER), who SHE thinks should play Aaliyah (at one point, it was herself), why she's not falling under that child star curse, and everything else.

And in between Keke dancing HARD to Beyonce in between takes (above) on the cozy living room-style set, we had this little convo:


YBF: Your audience is young, hip and you become very involved in the stories of your audience. What made you choose this type of setting for your show?
KP: Because of what I was going through. I thought that a lot of times people thought because of the blessings I received in my career that maybe things were easier for me. I thought it would be easier of service to them [audience] to expose that everything wasn’t so easy for me. I wanted to allow it to be a place where they can realize that don't judge yourself by where you are in life because you can get anywhere you want to be if you just believe in yourself. The only difference between me and you is that I believe. It's not that I don't have a perfect life or that I don't have issues and things that I don't like about myself. It's just that I accept them. And that's what allows me to do all the things that I want.

YBF: You started your career as a child actor. What attributes to your success and overcoming the ‘child star curse?’
KP: It’s hard for me to really say. I think what has allowed me to not have so much judgment put on me in the media is when you think about Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus or Macaulay Culkin they hit so big so quickly. I think anytime something like that happens people are definitely more bug-eyed looking at you. I think my rise was a little more of a slower, gradual one. And then on a more personal note, I think my parents have a lot to do with who I am and then of course my relationship with God. [My parents] taught me to have one on my own independently. I think that's the main reason why I decided to stay on the straight and narrow, not just as a child actor, but as a human being in general. It's because of my relationship with God.

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YBF: Which biopic are you more excited to see? Aaliyah or Whitney Houston?
KP: Ohh. You know that's not fair girl! I love Whitney and Aaliyah for very different reasons. I'm really excited about Aaliyah just because I've been dying to see it for so long. I'm excited about the Whitney too but I think maybe just a little bit more Aaliyah because I thought it was never going to happen. But I do have a difference in opinions about it now that Zendaya is no longer in it.  Also because the family is not involved, so that must mean they're probably not going to use the real music and all those other things that come into place. If the family is not involved, I feel like it's not going to be done right. So I have mixed feelings on that. The Aaliyah story itself is one that I've been dying to see for a long time. But if its not being done the right way, it kind of puts a damper on things. But I'm excited about the Whitney story because it's Angela Bassett's directorial debut. I started my career with her so that's exciting for that reason too.

YBF: Who would you like to see play Aaliyah?
KP: I can't say if there would be anybody I could really see playing Aaliyah. I think anyone that's blessed enough to get the role to play it, I think they can play it, because if it was given to you, it was meant for you to do. I feel like there's no mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. But I can't say that there's a face that I can say. For a long time I felt as though I could do it. But then when I heard the movie was coming out and I didn't really think about going for the project because I just came off the TLC movie and I thought it was too much. And I'm not trying to play everybody and be in everyone's biopic I think that's a little bit much. But for years I thought oh that's the story I want to play but like I said, as time goes on, other things come along and come into play and i ended up saying if it happens, it happens. At this point I don't know. I'm looking for whoever is going to play it and I'll be watching the movie because I'm a big Aaliyah fan.

YBF: Who would be your #MCM...or who's your everyday crush if you're in a relationship?
KP: Okay. If I say this I just hope that nothing crazy happens. (laughs) But If I had to pick a man crush right off the top of my head it would have to be YG. I'm not in a relationship but I'm single. I'm dating. Which is weird for me because I'm not the dating type. I've always been the type where I'm just like let me get a boyfriend and stay focused on that because it's kind of like I have this simple midwestern vibe to me. I'm not really like I want to talk to a lot of people all at once. It was always very taboo to me. But we're young, we have options and I don't say go around screwing every guy. At the end of the day that's up to you. I wouldn't suggest it. I would say date enjoy yourself see what you like and what you don't like because that's what I'm doing now. I'm learning how to date and see what I like and not just try to hold onto the first guy I meet and think is cool. It might be another guy I like more. So I'm kind of just dating and seeing how things go.


"Just Keke" airs daily on BET at 5p ET during this initial 4-week run.

Pics & Interview: YBF L.A. Correspondent Lauren Smith/TheYBF.com

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