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FOOLISH ACTIVITIES: Reality Stars Derek J and Neffe CAUGHT UP In Hair Salon GUNFIRE Fight


Reality tv stars Derek J and Neffe (Keyshia Cole's sister) were dodging bullets recently when an angry stylist decided to bust a cap after Neffe complained about her hair! Deets inside....

Down in the ATL, Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe found out the hard way that you can't complain about a bad weave....some stylists are extra sensitive!

According to the police report, after getting a "hairdo" that she felt was a "hair-don't" at one salon, Neffe went across town to Derek J's salon so someone could fix her situation.

But when the first stylist got wind that Neffe came back complaining about the "style," he showed up with a gun!

Derek J said,

"Her (hair was) messed up to the point we didn't know what to do. So I was just like, reach out to the stylist and say 'Hey, what did you use, what did you do?" and it turned from a professional conversation to more of an argument, but we thought it was done."

But it wasn't..........

"A few hours later a gentleman shows up, the other stylist, wanting to talk and started an argument. I asked him to leave," owner Lisa McCall said.  "Before turning away, he waved the gun in my face and said, 'You don't think I will?' And I backed up," McCall said.

And then....the stylist pulled the trigger and a bullet went into a floor board!

"We knew it wasn't a good thing when he came, but we thought it was going to be a quick exchange with words and then he was going to be gone. So, nobody really knew he would pull out a gun," Derek said.

The gun-packing stylist is still on the loose but no one was injured.....thankfully!

But Derek J added that he's pissed his floor got messed up!  And he tweeted,

I want to say thank you to everyone that sent their concerns about the incident  I am ok it is just unfortunate

This ghetto ish right here.....

Watch the story here:


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