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Rihanna has joined a growing list of celebrities who have thrown support to The Invisible Children organization in their effort to expose the war crimes of Joseph Kony, a Ugandan warlord with a team of child soldiers and sex slaves. Find out more inside....


Rihanna has reached out to The Invisible Children charity in an effort to help spread awareness about "the most hated man in the world,"  Joseph Kony (shown above), a leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  

Kony has been accused of abducting Ugandan children, forcing young girls into human trafficking and forcing young boys into a life of violence and murder.  The kids are even FORCED to murder their own families!  And he's been doing this for  nearly thirty years!

Rihanna posted on Twitter,

Oprah and Chris Brown have also voiced support,

Oprah: “Thanks tweeps for sending me info about ending #LRAviolence . I am aware. Have supported with $’s and voice and will not stop.#KONY2012.”

Chris Brown:  #KONY2012.”

Kylie Jenner: “Everyone needs to watch this. RT this please.”

Watch the Invisible Children DOC here:


The Randomness:

1.  Game says he was provoked to spit at fans.  Story.

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