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Donald Sterling's "Silly Rabbit" Says He's Not A Racist, But Should Apologize + Donald Regrets Not Paying V. Stiviano Off


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V. Stiviano appeared on 20/20 last night where she told Barbara Walters that Donald Sterling is not a racist but he should apologize.  Watch the clip inside and read about Donald's regrets.


V. Stiviano (who's been dreaming of this moment all of her life) appeared on 20/20 last night where she was interview by Barbara Walters.  Now that all of Donald Sterling's dirty laundry has been aired, V. has her own thoughts about his next steps and what should happen to him.  Here are the highlights:

Should he apologize: 

"Yes. Absolutely. I think he’s highly more traumatized and hurt by the things that he said himself. I think he can’t even believe or understand sometimes the thing he says, and I think he’s hurt by it. He’s hurting right now."

Does Donald speak negatively about minorities: 

“There’s been a number of occasions where Mr. Sterling and I had conversations just like this one. This was one of very many. Part of what the world heard was only 15 minutes. There’s a number of other hours that the world doesn’t know.”

Is Donald a racist:

“I think Mr. Sterling is from a different generation than I am. I think he was brought up to believe these things … segregation, whites and blacks,” Stiviano said. “But through his actions he’s shown that he’s not a racist. He’s shown to be a very generous and kind man.”

SIDEBAR:  V. Stiviano told Barbabra Walters she calls herself Don's "silly rabbit." 

Donald Sterling admits his regrets....

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Amid his lifetime ban from the NBA, Donald Sterling spoke to DuJour Magazine about the "tapes" and V. Stiviano saying, "I wish I had just paid her off.” For now...that's all we'll get from Don who told DuJour that he's limiting himself to interviews with the NBA and Barbara Walters.  


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