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FAMILY DRAMA: Mel B's Sister Airs DIRTY LAUNDRY On Twitter, Worried About Mel's Mental State?!


Danielle Brown, the estranged sister of Mel B. has taken to Twitter to air a lot of family drama (again) insisting the family hates her hubby and that Mel has a fragile mental state.  And she thinks Mel's kids are in DANGER.  See the tweets inside.....

Danielle Brown (shown above with Mel B in 2000), who hasn't spoken to her sister in three years, has taken to Twitter to air their family issues. 

It seems as though Mel B cut off the family after marrying Stephen (whom according to Danielle, no one likes).  Now, it seems as though the sisters ONLY communicate through Twitter.  This same drama happened a couple of years ago as well when reports surfaced that Stephen and Mel had a rocky relationship and Stephen spoke out against Mel during their initial split.  The two were quickly back together.

This weekend, Mel & Danielle "allegedly" had a nasty Twitter exchange (Mel B's tweets have been deleted) about a few issues, but Mel insists all isn't what it seems.  She says her account was hacked and that Danielle had a fight with a hacker!

Danielle agrees....except she thinks the hacker was Mel's husband Stephen!

Now Danielle is sounding the alarm that Mel has a fragile mental state and needs to be away from Stephen.  She tweeted, "Enough is Enough we need a PRIVATE family meeting.you me mum and dad No Film crew no cameras and NO STEPHEN,R THE KIDS SAFE?"

This may or may not be called for.....sigh.

Here's the first exchange....

And the second......

This is ugly.  What's REALLY going on with Mel B. & her hubby and fam...

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