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MESSAGE: Is Tamar Braxton Sending Subliminal WARNINGS To Hubby Vince’s Jumpoffs?!


 photo tamarb1.png

Apparently, someone (not sure if it's one or more really) is relentlessly trying to take Tamar’s place and she’s not happy about it, sending subliminal messages to her hubby's jumpoffs via her social media pages. Check the tweets and undeniable shade when you go inside….

Although Tamar Braxton and husband Vince Herbet seem madly in love, spotted on family outings in NYC and celebrating Vince’s birthday with a lavish party, it looks like all isn’t peachy keen in the Braxton/Herbert household.

Tamar has been lashing out recently on the Internet, warning Vince’s alleged jumpoffs to steer clear of her man! The receipts are in the tweets.  She first said over a week ago:

 photo tamarbtweet.png;

The “Dot Com” queen hopped on Instagram as well to warn these chicks, who claim they have a man that you never see them with, to find their own man and stay far away from hers:

 photo tamarb4.png

She reminded us all with a selfie of she and Vince (above) at Kandi’s wedding that their love is strong and nothing (or no one) will come between them saying, "Weddings ALWAYS reminds us of the day we said "I do"...nothing will EVER change that! #iwill #imdoingit #iwillALWAYSloveyou xo"

But ish got real when Tamar went completely NUTS about chicks who sleep with married men. She clowned “full time side chicks” that think it’s cute to cheat with a married man and made it clear that there is no competition when it comes to side chicks vs. married women:

 photo tamarb2.png

She captioned, "Saw this & I had to Rp for the women who think this is cute... Just in case u r the BOMB or u #won cause u cheating with someone's man.....U #LOST cause u must NOT be all that for a man NOT to claim you and respect&Love you to show you off to the world! However... U can always tell when a woman ain't married! Only full time side chicks thinks like this!! How's that working for you? #wakeup #ulookdumb #hesmashingbuthesgoinghome #dontbeaOLDhoe #ifhelikeitthenhewillputaringonit #hecanttakeuoutinpublic #somebodycouldgethurt #youwill #sitallthewaydown"

But should a WIFE waste their time responding to these "full time side chicks"?

So who is this mystery side chick? We’re not sure...BUT it seems that it could be someone who’s trying to make a come-up in the music game after she posted this today:

 photo tamarb3.png

She said, "Hoes be like: u think Vince will manage me??....#umightwalkoverbutuwillLIMPback #jokes"

Sounds like fighting words to us...

 photo you-tried-it-tamar.gif

Photos: Tamar's IG


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