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Apollo Nida Defends Himself About Alleged Charity Scheme Drama


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Apollo Nida has been caught up in yet another alleged scheme--this time involving a charity.  He struck back against the organization who accused him of attempting to scam them for money.


Get the deets inside...

Radar Online reports that Chase DeCarlo of Dio Bambini reached out to Apollo to host a charity event in Chicago, which would be for battered women and children. 

Apparently, Apollo asked for a $2K appearance fee, some of which he felt he contractually should have received up front.  However, Dio Bambini says they were “feeling really leery” about giving the "RHOA" star a deposit for the event, since it was scheduled to take place weeks after Apollo’s impending court date.  DeCarlo said Apollo was “pressuring me to book him.”

While some folks are asking why a charity organization would want a convicted felon affiliated with their event in the first place, Dio Bambini claims to Radar that Apollo was trying to stick them for their paper:

“At first I thought he would do it for free,” DeCarlo says. “His people were saying … he wouldn’t mind appearing.”

DeCarlo says, “At first it was like, ‘Ok, I’ll do it for $2,000.’” Then, DeCarlo says he bargained him down to “about $1,200. It’s still a lot, but we’re still in discussion. He just sent me a contract for $2,000!”

“We’re trying to get Kandi to come too, and she said she would come for free,” DeCarlo reveals. “I’m still talking with my people to see if it’s worth it getting Apollo to come at all. We have people with a better background willing to do it for free, so I don’t know.”

Apollo responded to Radar saying:

“Not only am I facing legal troubles, but to have something like this [happen]?” Nida tells Radar exclusively. “…I get attacked for doing good things.”

“There’s a clause that says if I don’t show it’s refunded,” he explains. As for the $2,000 fee, he says, “I’m not going to go to a charity event in Chicago for free,” since he would need to pay for travel and expenses. As such, Nida says his proposed fee of $2,000 was “very generous.”

Then...he took to Youtube to speak out.


Phaedra Parks' husband said he received a "disturbing phone call" from his manager that some drama about a charity event he was supposedly going to make an appearance at, has gone viral. Apollo said that the organization, which does not a 501(c) designation, contacted his booking agents to appear at an event.

Apollo says they sent over the contract and it included a 15% deposit to him. No money was exchanged and the contract was not signed, then all of a sudden, Apollo says, he was accused of trying to scheme money from them. Apollo said the $2K he requested wasn't for profit, but instead was for lodging, travel, etc.

"For someone to do this to me, it's completely erratic behavior. Right now there are circumstances going on that you all know about. I have a lot of people who are supporting. And there's a lot of haters who aren't. For you to try to mess up a brand, Apollo Fitness, Apollo Nida is a brand. So for you to say something so derogatory...

All of my contracts are official."

A mess.


Photo: Apollo's IG

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