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Zoe Saldana Named NEW FACE Of L’Oréal Paris + Queen Latifah Talks Being A Boss In JET Magazine


 photo zoe-saldana-loreal.jpg

Zoe Saldana can add a new title under her resume as she was announced as the newest face for L’Oréal Paris. Plus, Queen Latifah talks being a boss in JET magazine. See Zoe’s promo pic and Queen’s cover inside…

Zoe Saldana has landed a new gig! L’Oréal Paris has announced the Rosemary's Baby star as their new celebrity spokeswoman.

The 35-year-old hottie dished to PEOPLE on how every woman can rock a rep lippie and having to go through trial-and-error when finding your perfect shade.

She said:

“In the years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve grown to believe that every woman on this earth can rock a red lip,” she says. “It doesn’t matter how big or how thin their lips are, how dark their skin is, or yellow or light or pink, there’s so many shades of red, you can find the right shade. Women just look so beautiful and powerful when they’re wearing red lipstick.”

The newlywed is super ecstatic about her new title saying, “It puts the stamp on, like, ‘Congratulations, you’re finally a real woman!” She joins other L’Oréal spokeswomen Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Nice.

In the video below she talks about being an “ugly duckling” when she was younger and then owning her beauty:


And on a magazine cover…

 photo QueenLatifah-JET.jpg

Queen Latifah looks gorgeous on the cover of JET magazine where she dished on how she capitalized on her career, going from a rapper to owning her own production company (Flavor Unit Entertainment), being a CoverGirl spokeswoman and hosting her very own television show.

“I never had a boss. When you are responsible for yourself you can do whatever you want—I took full advantage of that.”

Queen also talked about adopting a kid one day, the influence of her mother, speaking up for gay rights and more.

 photo Queen-JET1.jpg

Here are the highlights:

Your latest incarnation of The Queen Latifah Show was a huge risk. Why bring in back after a 13-year hiatus?
I had a lot to share and wanted to add some positivity to daytime TV; something fun, energetic and with a little more flavor. Personally I’m in a much better spot. I’ve done a lot of growing and I’m okay with being in one place for a prolonged amount of time. Before, I was a bit more nomadic.

Settling down is a big change. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a significant other, kids and the white picket fence. Do you have someone special in your life right now?
No comment!

Okay, but what about kids? You’ve spoken about adoption in the past.
It’s something I’m exploring. I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 18 because I grew up with friends who could’ve used good parents. Maybe it’s my romanticism of after-school specials where someone would adopt a child and life would be great afterward. I have a lot of love to give.

You’ve spoken about the influence your mother has on who you’ve become. What’s her best advice?
Thank God I was blessed to have the kind of mother she is. She taught me about how to be a lady, but also how to be independent. She taught me things I should never allow a man to do, like put his hands on me. She gave me everything a girl needs to inspire confidence.

You had a major coup this year with the Grammys’ controversial same-sex marriage ceremony. What made you get involved?
It was a beautiful moment and not a political decision. It’s a question of what’s right and wrong. Two people who’ve been together should have the right to be married. I knew it would make a statement and I’m fine with the statement it made.

 photo Queen-JET2.jpg

Check out Queen Latifah’s full interview in the April 21st issue.

Photos: L’Oreal/JET

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