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PAY THOSE BILLS: Lauryn Hill Smacked With ANOTHER IRS Lien For $867K + Frank Ocean's “F*CK OFF” Message Was A Stunt!


 photo LaurynHill.jpg

Uncle Sam is after Lauryn Hill once again for owing them MORE back taxes.  Plus, Chipotle claims Frank Ocean didn’t really write “f*ck off” on the check he sent them. Read all the deets inside…

Former Fugees singer Lauryn Hill (shown above leaving a recent taping of "Late Show With David Letterman") has been hit with yet ANOTHER lien from the IRS.  This time, it's for a total of $867,000!

Lauryn served a 3-month sentence last year for owing Uncle Sam nearly $970,000 after claiming she had "left society" and was no longer in the music business...but had always intended to fix her situation.

 photo LaurynHillmugshot.jpg

Although Ms. Hill paid off her debt (at the last minute), she was still sent to jail and was housed in general population.

After her 3-month stint, she celebrated her freedom releasing a track titled, “Consumerism” which talked about the effects of egotism, television, satanism and more.  And she's been allowed to travel and perform in order to make some cash to pay back the government.

NOW…Uncle Sam is BACK to collect the rest of his money.

RadarOnline reports:

According to tax documents filed on January 14 and obtained by Radar, the IRS has served Hill with seven separate liens for a grand total of $866,868.05.

The IRS claims that in 2005, Hill failed to pay $422,008.26. For 2006, she owes $19,838.75; 2007, $61,158.50; 2008, $58,405.71; 2009, $30370.91; 2010, $13,247.73; and 2011, $261,838.19.

Damn Lauryn. We really hope she doesn’t have to go back to jail AGAIN.

And in other money issues…

 photo Frank-Ocean.png

Frank Ocean was hit with a nasty lawsuit from Chipotle after he backed out of an ad campaign for the burrito gurus.

The “Novacane” singer was paid a $212,500 advance, but Frank backed out after he was upset about the company not removing THEIR logo from THEIR ad. Chipotle wasn’t having it and brought on a lawsuit against the singer for the advance money they paid him.

 photo Frank-Ocean-check.jpg

Frank then posted the $212,500 check he wrote to Chipotle (above) with thephrase “F*CK OFF” written in the memo line.

Chipotle is now revealing they did receive their money and have dropped the lawsuit, however, “F*CK OFF” was NOT written on the memo line.

"We received a check, yes (and have dropped the suit)," Chris Arnold, Communications Director for Chipotle, tells E! News. "It, however, did not say 'f--k off' on the memo line as it did in the photos he posted."

Arnold added, "Nice stunt, though, Frank."

Ha!  That damn Photoshop tool....

Photos: Getty Images/Splash News/ United States Marshals Service/Frank Ocean’s IG 


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