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Blac Chyna Heads BACK To The Strip Club…To HOST This Time


 photo Blac6.jpg

Blac Chyna went back to her roots last night to work…but not how you may think. Find out what Tyga's baby's mother was up to in an Atlanta strip club inside…

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Ex-stripper Blac Chyna hit up Diamonds of Atlanta last night, but instead of twirling around a pole, she was tapped as a special guest.

 photo Blac1.jpg

When Tyga’s baby mother isn’t snapping booty selfies or working out withher new bestie Kim Kardashian, she’s working (and we use this term loosely) on building up her bank account by opening make up bars and making club appearances.

 photo Blac3.jpg

Model/Vixen Sheneka Adams was there to party.  

And Chyna danced (minus a pole) and snapped pics with “fans” during the night:

 photo BlacChyna3.png

 photo BlacChyna4.png

 photo Blac4.jpg

Do you think she was there to give motivational speeches to the “working” chicks on how to get a rapper to snatch them off a pole too? She seems to have it all figured out....

With all that said, we're kinda feeling her perforated outfit.  Surprisingly...

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Photos: ATLpics.net/@chynaagurl/@premadonna87

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