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TV FAB: Zoe Kravitz DISHES On Drake, Tattoos And The Advice She Gives Lenny Kravtiz



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Zoe Kravtiz stopped by "106 & Park" to promote her new film Divergent and dish on Drake rumors and offer her take on fashion.  More inside...


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Divergent star Zoe Kravtiz appeared on "106 & Park" yesterday to promote the film's release (March 21st) and to dish on her famous parents Lisa Bonet& Lenny Kravtiz, her fashion sense and to shoot down/dodge rumors that she's hooking up with Drake.   

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On her scent:

She wears Vanillla Oil.  She prefers oils over perfume.

On her style sense:

Says she likes being comfortable.  It's not sexy to be uptight.

Who she listens to:

She loves Beyonce's lastest album and listens to it everyday.  She said it makes her a better person.

On Lenny Kravtiz:

She gives her Dad advice and even joked that she told him to stop wearing shirts that were see-thru.

On being too honest:

She says she trying to learn to put her foot in her mouth so she won't hurt anyone's feelings.

On tattoos:

She has 20 tattoos.  

On Drake:

She says "He's a funny Canadian guy."  When ask if there is anything she wanted to say about Drake and the rumors that they're dating, she said "He's Canadian."

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Watch the interview here:




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