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BRING ON THE GIFTS: Evelyn Lozada Celebrates Her Million Dollar Baby At L.A. Baby Shower


 photo a30d69d8915511e3907c1296586a1d24_8_zps4b60cef5.jpg

Baby Boy Crawford, whose dad Carl has a $142 million MLB contract and is now with the Dodgers, is on the way.   And Evelyn Lozada celebrated with a Diamonds & Diapers themed baby shower Saturday afternoon in L.A. with her celeb friends and fam.


Check out the girly pics inside...

With her hot daughter Shaniece and close friends like Shaunie O'Neal and Tiffney Cambridge on hand, former "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada munched on cake and copped some major presents (from Hermes and more) at her Diamonds and Diapers baby shower.  Her publicist and good friend Danika Berry put together the fancy schmancy affair:


 photo 561d5964913a11e3927212109c628f56_8_zpsb9c8f002.jpg

 photo 5e35602e915811e3bcf812bd61fee7e8_8_zps7b092027.jpg

 photo fd3579b6914911e38dc912e5acb4b5c7_8_zps844e7a38.jpg

Ev's friends from reality tv Nikki Chu and Rah Ali were also there.  Donk competition?

 photo 89956bd4913911e3b66a128b5b5a1c60_8_zpsb31f8872.jpg

And so was her "BBW" co-star Tasha Marbury.  No Tami & Suzy?

 photo fd4f582a915a11e394e312cc6335db0c_8_zps9e16963f.jpg   photo f60a6528915f11e38ffe12ded5001997_8_zps1a3fe994.jpg

The ladies hit up the dress-up booth that's usually at weddings.  Looks like Ev pulled out all the stops for Baby #2.  No "sprinkle" here....it was a full out shower.

 photo 17b9ce66915611e390dd127b467bd7bf_8_zps1bd01d27.jpg photo 841a812e915911e3b4b70e0485e7f8d4_8_zpsad9c05b9.jpg


 photo 5f6728ba91a811e3bc9c1289cb7ab5b8_8_zpsd3c4f486.jpg

Julissa Bermudez and Bow Wow's mom, Teresa (Ev's bestie), was also there to celebrate with her fellow Latina reality star.

 photo 7f8a5b2a919f11e3887b12b2048ab8f0_8_zps6299752f.jpg photo 76a26f0691a011e3bb630e168fca72ec_8_zps6402b14d.jpg

Her mom and Carl's mom were there for the festivities. And Ev posted a pic with her sister saying she was more excited than anybody about Ev having a boy.

 photo 790d861c915b11e398ad0e0c6d9566fd_8_zpscb3e3149.jpg

And before eating the cake, the girls danced it up to Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" and "Partition":


Fab times.  Congrats Ev!  She did an interview from the shower for OMG Insider, and it will air on Monday.


Photos: Evelyn's Instagram

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