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Tyrese's Ex-Wife Says He DITCHED Their Daughter To Go Party In Dubai + Justin Bieber's BESTIE Lil Za CHARGED With Three Felonies!


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Tyrese's ex-wife says he'd rather party than spend time with their daughter!  Get the latest on their child custody war inside and find out what Lil Za got charged with....

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Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Mitchell are in the middle of a nasty child custody battle that's boiled down to a lot of finger-pointing.  You'll recall that Norma received a sizable alimony and child support settlement a few years ago, but now she and Tyrese have been butting heads about their daughter Shayla.

The latest set of court docs have Norma accusing Tyrese of ditching the 6-year-old to go party in Dubai for his 35th birthday with Maxwell and Will Smith.

Although Ty was originally slated to film scenes for "Fast & Furious 7", Norma says he should have had more time for Shayla following Paul Walker's death (because production was postponed).

Instead of spending time with Shayla, Norma's court docs say Ty was "gallivanting throughout Dubai ... staying in expensive hotels ... partying on yachts, sky-diving with other movie stars, driving expensive cars, and making special appearances in night clubs." SIDEBAR: It did look like he had a GREAT time!

For his part, Ty said he went to Dubai on business because he booked 4 paying gigs (to help out with that alimony!).  We'll keep you posted as their battle rages on.

In the meantime, Tyrese posted this adorable clip with Shayla. 



In other legal woes.....

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Justin Bieber's bestie Lil Za was charged with 3 felonies following the raid on the Bieb's mansion last week. The L.A. County D.A. has charged Za with 2 counts of felony possession of a controlled substance -- MDMA (Ecstasy) and Oxycodone and he's been charged with a felony for breaking the jail phone.

While Za is facing 9 years behind bars, Justin isn't doing much better himself. In addition to the mansion raid, he was arrested in Miami Beach, Fla., on DUI, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license charges and he's been accused of hitting a limousine driver.

We'll keep you updated on these shenanigans....

Photos via Lil' Za/Tyrese Instagram 

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