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"The Real" Co-Hosts UNVEIL New Promo Pic + Day 26 Discuss Reunion, Danity Kane & More


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Are you ready for the return of "The Real"?  See the co-hosts new promo pic inside and find out why Day 26 decided to reunite and what their future plans are.  

The ladies of "The Real" shared a new promo pic via their Facebook page.  While they have not revealed an official airdate for their return of the sassy new daytime talk show, expect Tamar, Tamera, Loni, Adrienne and Jeannie on television this fall.

Watch Loni Love's Super Bowl Predictions:



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Tamar Braxton and her family will appear on "Bethenny" on February 3rd.


In music news...

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Day 26 is back on the music scene and they've sat for an interview with "You Know I Got Soul" where they discussed their future plans and what brought them back together (hint: It wasn't Danity Kane). 

YouKnowIGotSoul: You guys are back together as once again with all 5 original members. What made it happen?

Willie: It all happened from a phone call that was for a tour to get back together. When we got on the phone, we all agreed to do the tour and then from conversations, we decided “Yo let’s get back together and make it happen.” It was really easy because I personally miss being on the stage with the guys and we felt a vibe even through conversations we were having on the phone, so it locked in from there.

YouKnowIGotSoul: Did all of you guys find that you missed being in a group?

Brian: Hell naw *Laughs*

Que: Well I miss being in a group. It’s been 4 years for me, so to get that phone call and to hear the guys excited to get back together, it was definitely like stress off my shoulder because I was focusing on a solo career. I was like “I can put that aside for a little bit and focus on my group.” I want to make this thing the hottest thing in America.

YouKnowIGotSoul: You guys also announced an upcoming tour. Talk about that.

Robert: We can’t release dates right now, but we are coming to a city near you. This will be one of the most epic reunions in the world. We’ve had a chance to grow as individuals and now that we’re put back together, it’s just musical. I can’t really say much about the tour, but we are coming to a city near you. Be there or be square. This is the most epic reunion ever.

Brian: It’s crazy that the fans are calling it epic.

YouKnowIGotSoul: Do you guys have plans for new music?

Willie: We definitely have a plan for some new music. We actually started getting in the studio now. We actually had a record before called “A New Day” but we scrapped a lot of that stuff because Que wasn’t in it. Naturally we’ll have a fresh start with it with the chemistry of us 5. It should be epic. It’s always epic being in the studio with these guys. They’re all amazing vocalists, so it’s an honor to be in a group with these guys.

YouKnowIGotSoul: Did Danity Kane’s reunion influence your decision at all?

Willie: Nah, not at all. We respect everything they’re doing. We are proud and happy that they’re getting back together again. Ours had nothing to do with theirs. Our thing was just off conversations and just talking about a tour. We are definitely happy to see them doing their thing, but ours wasn’t influenced by them.




Photos via The Real's Facebook/YouKnowIGotSoul/The Real


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