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OPENING UP: Bobbi Kris And Nick Gordon Speak On Secret Marriage -- "We Have A Force Field...S**t's Just Bouncing Off”


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Bobbi Kris and Nick Gordon gave their first interview since revealing their secret nuptials.  They told EXTRA that they've grow closer...thanks to their critics!  More inside....


In their first joint interview since we learned about their marriage (via social media) Bobbi Kris and Nick Gordon talked to  EXTRA about the strength of their love and they haven't let naysayers tear them apart.  Nick explained, “It put a fire in us. It lit a fire up under our ass and we went haulin'. The critics can say whatever they want to say… it's like we have a force field and that s**t's just bouncing off of it.”  Here are highlights:

On how the "brother/sister" confusion started:

Nick: Me calling [Whitney] mom, this where everybody gets the…” Bobbi: Brother and sister…
Nick: We were young. Krissy looked at me as an older brother, and I looked at her as a little sister. She [Whitney] just treated me like she gave birth to me. She treated me like a son. Excuse me for saying this… she treated me better than my birth mother. I owe everything to her.

On what Whitney Houston told them:

Nick: She made me promise several times to look after Krissy… and, Mom, I will never ever, ever break that promise.
Bobbi: She wanted this. This is something she wanted to see.

On Cissy Houston:

Bobbi: She told both of us that she loved us very, very, very much, and Nick came up and he said ‘Grandma, I want to marry her. Is it okay? I need your blessing to do this, if I don’t have your blessing I won’t feel right,’ and she looked at him and she smiled. She smiled very wide and said, ‘Yes, son, you have my blessing.”

On Bobby Brown:

Bobbi: We have a relationship. It's a good one right now. At a point in time, we didn’t even have that… I love my father more than anything.


Also, we're happy to know that Bobbi Kris has her father back in her life.... 

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But.....we're still uncertain about their conversations with Cissy Houston. You might chalk it up to old age, but Cissy says she NEVER gave her blessing!



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Photo via Bobbi Kris' Twitter


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