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Jennifer Hudson, Alicia & Swizzy, Rihanna, Paula & Robin, Fantasia & Plenty More Hit Clive Davis' Annual Pre-Grammy Dinner


 photo clivedavisparty2014a_zps5b17699c.jpg

It's the biggest Pre-Grammy celebration of the weekend: Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala.  Tons of folks turned out for the posh, star-filled dinner and party.  And we've got all the pics inside.... 

Last night, plenty of celebs hit the Beverly Hilton to salute industry icons and honor Lucian Graing.  Rihanna showed up looking sexy in a yellow deep plunging and thigh high slit gown:

 photo article-2546122-1AF7158400000578-58_634x848_zps18ca5f57.jpg   photo article-2546122-1AF7138000000578-689_634x862_zps9f3ea3f3.jpg photo article-2546122-1AF6F80B00000578-186_634x879_zpsa34ac093.jpg

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalasGhDG4JEhRSl_zpsa5183bd8.jpg

And chick had her drink in her hand--of course--and was spotted dancing around in her seat while folks performed.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaywiolVQiclKl_zps3fbaeae0.jpg

Jennifer Hudson looked svelte in a black dress complete with multi-colored bandage stripes. And she looked amazing.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalasGhDG4JEhRSl_zpsa5183bd8.jpg

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaHEGhb6Mfrwrl_zpsbeb54914.jpg

Jenny posed with Clive Davis and Smokey Robinson.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaPHXur42cxqAl_zpsb05e7bfc.jpg

Swizz & Alicia Keys were spotted hugged up while watching all the performances.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaV6K5YRH_b8el_zpsf1372411.jpg

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke got all cutesy on the carpet:

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalajOtSQblGzsLl_zpsc7749524.jpg

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalafKmAs29nXOvl_zps4e91bc54.jpg

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaDWYQNezeHzLl_zps202bf1f0.jpg

Not feelin' this dress though.  A little to 80's for our taste...


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaj6UDRp1LtG0l_zps7cbb8792.jpg 

John Legend and his new wife Chrissy Teigen hit the carpet.  Loving her look this time around.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala00wrvxjgTVIl_zpsb2e1bfa7.jpg

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaVFRnmb2hcjcl_zps5efa2a0b.jpg

Miley Cyrus crashed her producer/reumored jump-off at some point Mike-Will-Made-It's red carpet time since she was craving some attetion from the cameras.  She ran up to him to hug it out--closely--in front of everyone. 

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaCQUfywRuiJKl_zps274864e8.jpg

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalap735j8EoNt0l_zps895e7096.jpg

Fantasia looked great in hot pink.  She was there to perform and J-Hud said she was her fave of the night.


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala8yaTurC_rs7l_zpsf406f0b2.jpg

T.I. saluted everyone....as usual...on the carpet.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala_oEFjDEMoH9l_zpsb4a8a41f.jpg

Gayle King brought her daughter Kirby on the carpet.


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala1Pxzz9olDKMl_zps2c118b9a.jpg

Hoda Kotb looked extra happy to be there.


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaXMZVGjseLOil_zps424c9514.jpg 

MC Lyte kept it hot as usual.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaqZ6bUQj-nnCl_zpse9867cce.jpg

Pharrell and his wife made their way to the event.


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalanbz6oTQ8TV7l_zps16425781.jpg  

Kelis rocked her bun and red lip for the Gala.


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaL9ezynDEVn8l_zps33f1919b.jpg 

Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy reunited on the carpet. 

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaFhBikIg_MyIl_zpsd3ddb813.jpg 

Russell Simmons brought his new boo-of0the-moment Shannon Elizabeth on the carpet.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala18pML5JmlmSl_zps0d6ded90.jpg

R.Kelly showed up....and looked like he had to sneak in or some ish.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala-7JdcMfAr3Ll_zps7a0624e7.jpg

Miguel and his fave ripped jeans were there.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaY78L9S_B5aTl_zps33ba18d6.jpg

Anthony Hamilton seems to have gotten over that recent DUI drama.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaStUkwpxwKsHl_zpsb768c355.jpg

Ron Isley (this hair though...) and his wife Kandy were there.


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGala-dzH5xu1SsOl_zpsb6729a5f.jpg photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalaJHkDTDGDDv0l_zpsd86ac23e.jpg 

Tyrese and J-Hud and shared a moment it seems.

 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGalatm_In_y5Gawl_zps2f197aad.jpg


 photo 56thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYGaland2a-pWWxdzl_zpsf454df51.jpg

And Lionel Richie, J-Hud, Pharrell and Robin Thicke all performed as well. Fun times.


Photos: Wireimage


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