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MODELICIOUS: Cassie Rocks New YOUNG & RECKLESS "EN-WHY2EL-AYE" Collabo Campaign


 photo cassiec6_zps2c19357a.jpg

Cassie is tapping into her Fashion Killa ways in a new collaboration with the fashion brand Young & Reckless.  It's her newest collabo with the trendy company, and her new Lookbook pics are casually sexy and pretty much perfect.


Peep the pics inside...

 photo cassiec5_zps4d873b53.jpg

When she's not making attempts at music, she's doing what she does best--using that gorgeous face to floss her modeling skills.

"Paradise" singer Cassie has teamed up with Young & Reckless, a trendy fashion brand, to launch her own collection of tops and jackets called "EN-WHY2EL-AYE" (read: NY to LA).

Cassie threw on her sexy leather pants, luxe Cartier "Love" bracelets, thigh high boots and more to accompany her designs.  ANd the looks are effortlessly sexy.

Check out all the hot pics from the lookbook below:

 photo cassiec1_zps3b95e0f3.jpg


  photo cassiec4_zps2762976e.jpg photo cassiec3_zpsf33e184c.jpg photo cassiec2_zpsff4e9a21.jpg photo cassiec8_zps2337028c.jpg photo cassiec7_zps8e96fb87.jpg

LOVING this last tee.  Nice!


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