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So...LeBron James Reportedly Caught By An NBC CORRESPONDENT Asking A Chick For Her Number....


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Well, this is interesting.  If it's true.  check out how LeBron James MAY have gotten put on blast for some shady activities with another woman....

When LeBron James and the Miami Heat trolled to the White House this past Tuesday to receive a notable congratulations from President Obama being the 2013 National Champs to honor, his wife Savannah James was notably missing from the pictures with all the WAGS.

While it's still unclear if she actually attended (we need the receipts), we do know that NBC Correspondent Stacey Klein allegedly posted teh above message to her Facebook wall. 

She said, according to the FaceBook post captured and posted to IB Times, that while LeBron and co. were in attendance at the White House to hand Prez O his own 44 Heat jersey, she also saw LeBron asking some chick for her number.


Interestingly, when we go to her actual Instagram pic (where this Facebook post was taken from), the caption on the same pic simply says:

The HEAT at the WH today. Team presented a "POTUS" jersey to the head honcho.

We reached out to Stacey to see if someone pulled a major photoshop job on that FB post....or if she deleted her original pic & caption because she realized that she stirred up some ish by (rightfully?) snitching.

We've yet to hear back, but where there's smoke....

We have heard numerous "LeBron cheating rumors" in the past.  But this one, coming from a legit NBC Universal Correspondent, may just hold some water, unfortunately.  Hmm...


 photo 52ef4d4872ad11e3b33812247d6e2fa4_8_zps969ada83.jpg

LeBron & Savannah spent NYE together and the Heat champ gushed:

How my beautiful wife and I spending our New Year. Relaxing on the couch laid up!!

Savannah has remained mum about the rumor, as usual, and Bron is currently in Philly gearing up to play the 76ers tomorrow night.


Photos: IBT/LeBron's IG

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