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FIRST LOOK: Tatyana Ali Breaks Her Own Mold With "Hello" Short Film, Gears Up For New Album


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Tatyana Ali wants the world to know she's know longer that innocent sweet little Ashley Banks we've known her to be.  The freshest princess of Bel Air (but based on this new music....she doesn't want to be called that again) is back at her singing career. 


And TheYBF.com has the very first look at her artsy "Hello" short film which gives us a peek into her new album...

When she's not starring on "Young & the Restless" or BET's "Second Generation Wayans", 34-year-old Tatyana Ali is working on her music.  It's been over 15 years since her "Boy You Knock Me Out" singing days!  Who knew?!

But now, she's more mature, has some real ish to sing about, and she's not here for your usual boring questions about her past. 

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In her brand new short film, set to some of her new music, the fab chick showed off her artistic video edge with the visuals.  She says in the vid:

"...Expected to answer the same questions...'Yes, I know who she was'...'No, I'm not the same'....'Of course I liked it'....'You're right, you're still talking about it'...It's a while lifetime ago. People think that's who I really am. I'm not answering these questions anymore. They're boring.

She explained how every seven years humans become different people:

"That's the reason scars disappear...it's like you become brand new. It was so long ago. I'm literally not the same person."

Who is she now exactly?  Guess we'll find out when her new album drops. Peep the "Hello" short film below and what Tatyana has to say about her new work:

"[This film is] an introduction to my forthcoming EP also entitled "Hello". I'm so excited this day is here! All of this is coming from my heart. It's my story. It's what I believe in, what I dream about and what I've been through. My hope is to connect to people and share what I love. This is truly an independent effort. I need your support. If you think it's cool, share it. More to come..."

You can also check out Tatyana and her new music starting January 21st when she's the featured artist on Spotify.


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