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"YEEZUS" Goes Platinum, "Assault" Investigation UPDATE, The "Yeezianity" Religion + Loni Love's New Young Boo Thang?


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Kanye West's"Yeezus" disc has gone platinum!  Get the G.O.O.D. news about Ye's latest album inside along with a roundup of other important news about Kanye, including an update on his Beverly Hills assault investigation...


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Though Kanye's latest album, Yeezus, has not produced any breakout radio hits, sales of the disc have propelled it to platinum status.  The RIAA made the announcement via Twitter earlier today.  Also....Kanye added nine additional YEEZUS tour dates to keep those sales climbing.  


We've been following news about Kanye's latest physical confrontation (you'll recall he beat up an 18-year-old) and CBS News reports that Kanye has been named a suspect.  Yesterday, The Beverly Hills Police Department released a statement confirming the incident saying,

"The named suspect was identified as Kanye West by the victim and several witnesses. Mr. West had left the location prior to officers' arrival. As of this writing, BHPD detectives are conducting a follow-up investigation. No further information at this time."

Meanwhile, sources close to Kim Kardashian told the NY Daily News that Kim is considering her own legal options (because the 18-year-old allegedly threaten to hurt her).


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In other lawsuits, Kanye Kanye has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the creators of a new Kanye West-themed digital currency called "COINYE".  The suit claims,

"Defendants have willfully and admittedly traded upon the goodwill and notoriety of Kanye West, one of the most famous entertainers and brand names in the world...In interviews with the press, defendants brazenly admit that they adopted the marks COINYE WEST, COINYE and COYE to directly associate their newly minted crypto-currency with Mr. West."

Kanye filed a cease-and-desist letter on Jan. 6 but he was apparently ignored. We'll keep you "in the know" about this one.....


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There's a new religion based on the principles of Kanye! A follower of " Yeezianity" (who's decided to remain anonymous) gave an interview to VICE.com about the new religion and their beliefs. Get ready for the “5 Pillars” of YEEZAINITY:

1. All things created must be for the good of all
2. No human being’s right to express themselves must ever be repressed
3. Money is unnecessary except as a means of exchange
4. Man possesses the power to create everything he wants and needs
5. All human suffering exists to stimulate the creative powers of Man

So far......Kanye HAS NOT filed a "cease-and-desist" about this one....we kinda suspect he'd get a kick out it.



"The Real" host Loni Love stopped by "ELLEN" to introduce fans to her much-younger lover this week.  The 42-year-old funnywoman was all smiles as she talked to Ellen about Sam, her 23-year-old boyfriend.  Check out our homie from "The Real" robbing the cradle above....



Photos via Kim Kardashian's Twitter/Kanye West's Twitter

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