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Singer Speaks On Jennifer Hudson Getting Him KICKED OUT The People's Choice Awards!


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Jennifer Hudson may have copped the Favorite Humanitarian Award at Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards, but singer Tionne, also known as Lord Kraven, says she was FAR from acting the part that night.  Check out the drama that went down off camera when she had the singer KICKED OUT of the Awards show!

Drama!  Reports hit the net yesterday that superstar Jennifer Hudson had an ex-friend kicked out of the People's Choice Awards this week.  A singer, who was also close friends with Jenny until recently, Lord Kraven was sitting front row when Jennifer walked into the Nokia Theater Wednesday night.  But when she spotted him, she reportedly threatened producers saying either HE needs to leave...or SHE'S leaving.

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Needless to say, Kraven (pictured above) was promptly escorted OUT.  Security and LAPD had to get involved and it caused lots of ruckus outside the arena.  And Jennifer, her fiance David, and her sister Julia took their own seats on the front row:

 photo JenniferHudsonBackstageAudiencePeopleaXHPA74Xt_pl_zps037cfc1e.jpg


What caused all this drama?  Kraven tells TheYBF.com today that the story is indeed 100% true, and he wants to know why Jennifer is suddenly being such a diva as well.

He also took to his social media once the story went public saying: "OMG! I can't believe THIS! JENNIFER HUDSON, look what YOU HAVE CREATED! This is absolutely ridiculous! I am..."

And then after digging into the possible things that could have set Jennifer off...he posted this interview with HLN asking if THIS is what she was all up in arms about:


Jennifer keeps a very close circle of friends.  So when her then-friend Lord Kraven went on HLN during the trial of William Balfur (the man convicted of murdering her mother, brother and nephew) to talk about how Jennifer would be strong enough to make it through it all, it's possible she wasn't feeling him talking about her personal issues on national television.

No word on if this is the exact cause, but it looks very possible.

Who knew Jenny was having folks kicked out of Award shows....


Photos: Getty/Lord Kraven's FB page

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