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Gabby Union Avoids Dwyane's Cheating Drama, Gushes Details About The Proposal


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Gabrielle Union kept it pretty....and pretty PG....this morning on "Live with Kelly & Michael".  Check out what the "Being Mary Jane" star had to say about her sweet proposal from her new fiance....

To promote the premiere season of BET's "Being Mary Jane" that goes down tonight, Gabrielle Union knew exactly where to go.  To those who would be too P.C. to bring up her Dwyane Wade I-cheated-then-had-a-baby-on-you drama: "Live with Kelly & Michael".

Early this morning, Gabby kept it cute in coral and fresh off her Holiday vacay in Bimini.  And she avoided all the drama that recently went down with her new fiance having a baby less than two months ago with another woman.  And she didn't address his claims--that we all know are false--that he and Gabby were on a "break" at the time of conception.

But the actress was more than open about the Miami Heat star's recent marriage proposal (and why she thought it was all a joke at first).  Oh, and that FAT ring.

When asked how Dwyane proposed, she said:

"I was completely surprised. He and the boys planned it completely as a family. We were just going to spend the day having family time. Go to lunch. He said, do you want to do your hair or makeup? I was like, 'No.' We were going from there to Our house that is under construction and I was dressed for a construction site."

She continued:

"So the boys are like, can we do a presentation for you. So me and D turn around and then the boys say, 'OK we're ready.' And we turn back around and they're holding signs that say "Nicki [Nique?], will you marry us?"

But the thing is, they ask me all the time. So I was like, 'Well this is embarrassing. Now they bring in signs.'

So I turn to D and he was down on one knee. And he was like, would you marry us? And I was like, 'Oh you're serious?! Oh, of course! '

The kids thought I was saying no, and I'm like 'Yes, Yes!'  And then they tear up the stairs..."

How sweet.  And it's cute the boys call her Nicki/Nique (Her middle name is Monique). 

Sounds like she and Dwyane are about to have their new dream house and dream life together.  Good luck...


Photo credit: David Steele/Disney-ABC Domestic TV

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