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MORE DETAILS: The Infamous "Chuck Smith" From "RHOA" Has A Baby's Mother....And A 19-Year-Old Daughter!


 photo chuckdaughter_zps023bf207.jpg

If you've been watching "Real Housewives of Atlanta", you've become familiar with the lameness that is former baller Chuck Smith.  And now, we've learned about another person who was on his "Team" back in the day.  Exclusive details about his child's mother (not his wife) inside....

It seems as though Chuck and Mynique Smith are being groomed to become new cast members on "RHOA".  And even though we're not really feeling them, we're totally here for the shade being thrown at "Big Homie" Chuck.

Chuck has made himself infamous after just a couple episodes after it came out that he slept with both Phaedra and Kandi back in the day.  And his wife, Mynique, was in for a rude awakening when she found out that her husband likely lied about what his relationships with the two women were ACTUALLY like.

During a recent episode, Mynique traveled to Savannah, GA with the cast, and SHE brought up that Chuck used to "sleep with" Kandi and Phaedra...but he said it was nothing serious and they were nothing but quick jumpoffs.  Kandi and Phaedra both schooled her that even though it really no longer mattered, they actually had lengthy relationships with him.  So much so that families were involved.

So while Chuck tried to cover his ass with his wife, he's been going off on Phaedra telling her they were never "boyfriend/girlfriend" and she and Kandi were just "part of the team".  Yes, the team of chicks he slept with back in the day.  He was adamant that he just wanted her and Kandi to feel special so they could be friends with benefits. 

But the only person that looks lame here....is Chuck.  What grown man brags about lying back in the day to young girls in order to get the panties?  And why are you so pleased with yourself for doing so?

Needless to say, his antics have set social media on fire these last few episodes...and not in a good way. 

With all that said, we've learned about another member of the "team".  Chuck, in addition to the family he has with his current wife, has a 19-year-old daughter named Giavanni with a woman named Dr. Toni Black (all three pictured above).

Some type of way he pulled a woman with a Ph.D. (or who was on track for one).  And he must be doing something right, because he has Giavanni defending him on her Twitter.  She recently posted:

Why are y’all mad at my Dad “Chuck” lol? He was just telling the truth. #RHOA

Oh girl.  You weren't even born when that mess went down....


BONUS: Kandi went on Big Tigger's morning show this week on V103 in ATL to discuss "Chuck".  She revealed:

“He said he was taking advantage of a young girl…he really went out of his way to take advantage.  That was deep.”

“I’ve moved on, but I would appreciate it if he’d stop…On one hand, he tried to make it sound like I was dating all these people, but on the other hand, he felt the need to make me feel special. Can you get your story together? Stop lying.”

Check out the sit-down in full above with Kandi explaining why it wasn't a fly-by-night chop-down situation.

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