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Drake Covers The VIBE 'Race' Issue + Kevin Hart Rocks Second Cover & Admits Failed Marriage Was HIS Fault


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Drizzy is VIBE's newest winter cover subject.  And the theme is the RACE issue.  Check out what Drake has to say about becoming King in 2013 and racial double standards....

Drake is fresh off his Would You Like A Tour? tour...and now he's covering the brand new issue of VIBE magazine.

In the mag's ‘Race’ themed issue, the biracial rapper/singer/actor sits down with VIBE for his second cover and reveals how he feels about race, Kanye West, his success and the perception of him being soft.

On people saying he's soft because he sings while spitting bars:“People fucking love to sing, that’s what I never forget.  But you can’t say my bars aren’t up there with the best of them. People keep challenging me about what real rap is. Is it the shit you know all the words to, or the shit that sounds fast and complex? I don’t have the answer. At the same time, I know I can do a couple things.”

On race:“The racism I experienced was being Jewish. Jewish kids didn’t understand how I could be black and Jewish…it was just stupid, annoying rich kids that were close-minded and mean.”

On Kanye West:“He’s like, the best…My competition is nobody else, by the way. It’s just me and ‘Ye.”

On rap’s double standards:"Man, how come this guy is allowed to do this? How come this guy is allowed to talk about the streets? All he did was be around it, justlike me. He didn’t live it, but he’s allowed to talk about it. How come this guy is allowed to make girl records—love records—but they’re not girl records or love records when he does it?” I just have to step back and be like, because it doesn’t matter what those guys do. Whoever that is, it just doesn’t matter. They’re not important enough to be scrutinized like that. So it’s that feeling of accepting that I’m at the top and I don’t give them enough to talk about, so they have to make shit. No one ever loves that guy that’s on top."

Check out the full story over at VIBE.

But Drake isn't the only cover subject.  Comedian Kevin Hart is rocking the second cover (due out soon).  And in his first cover story with VIBE, the Ride Along actor talks about why black comics seem more plagued with personal problems versus their white counterparts.

He says, “It’s not just black people, white people too. Those who are true to their surroundings and themselves can maintain a sense of normalcy. I made my mistakes. I take my negative moments and find positive ones.”

On his divorce:“My divorce was primarily my fault, and I take that on the chin…That was just not knowing how to say, ‘I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore’ and trying to continue a relationship while I was outside of it doing other things.”

On Paula Deen:“She’s human, I don’t back what she did, but I definitely felt for her as all that shit was unfolding.”

Kevin is also revealing his thoughts on Miley Cyrus, George Zimmerman and his meteoric rise to fame in the insightful cover story.  That should be interesting...

The Race issue’s covers will be revealed on Vibe.com on December 18th and 19th. And print issues will be available nationwide in January.


The Randomness:

1.  Speaking of race, a "Duck Dynasty" star has been suspended from the show due to his comments about "gay" being a sin.  And his comments about blacks were equally as terrible.  He equated blacks to white trash and said blacks were "happy" during the civil war era.  Story

2.  The Breakfast Club is headed to REVOLT TV.  STORY

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