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NeNe Leakes OPENS UP About Life-Threatening Blood Clots On "GMA", BACKS IT UP On Gregg At SURPRISE Birthday Party (That No Housewives Attended!)


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Nene Leakes appeared on "GMA" this morning where she discussed her health scare.  Watch the interview inside and see pics from her surprise party over the weekend.

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Nene Leakes (shown above at her surprise 46th birthday party) appeared on GMA this morning where she talked about what forced her into a scary hospital stint a few weeks ago.  Here are the highlights:

On realizing something wasn't right:

I was at work. And I started feeling a pain under my right breast that kind of went around to my side and in my back. And then, the next morning, the pain was in those places and on my right shoulder. It was really different.
And I wasn't sick as in a cold. I was feeling like -- I didn't feel like something was wrong. My husband, on the other hand, kept saying, you have gas. I'm like, really? This is not gas for a pain to be on my shoulder. I decided to go to the hospital. And once I was there, they tested me. They did a lot of bloodwork. And then, they did an x-ray. And then, a c. T. Scan. And they discovered the clots all over my right lung and some in my left lung. I felt it for two days. The second day I went to the hospital.

Where her health stands now:

They're doing photo testing for me, to see if it's genetic or not. Right now, I'm currently on blood thinners, which is helping my blood to be a lot thinner, so the blood clots can go away.

Check out the video below:



Over the weekend....

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Greg Leakes surprised Nene with a party for her 46th birthday.

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The "Glam Ma" received a birthday hug from her granddaughter Bri'Asia.

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The party was held at STK Atlanta and attended by friends and family.  Gregg convinced Nene to leave the house by arranging a quiet dinner with good friends Chuck and Mynique Smith......she never suspected that he'd shut down the entire restaurant for her.  Isn't Gregg so sweet these days?!

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We find it interesting that NONE of Nene's "RHOA" stars were at the party.  Maybe Gregg didn't want to risk them showing up "late" and spoiling the surprise!  Or maybe...she's totally over these ladies and ready for another spinoff of her own.  She's been hinting toward that for a while now...

Yesterday, Kenya Moore told "WENDY" that she and Nene are no longer friends and fans will watch their relationship sour on the next few episodes of "RHOA".


The Randomness:

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Photos via FREDDYO.com

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