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YBF FRESH FACE: Meet 13-Year-Old "Scandal" Star Yara Shahidi! (And She's Got A Super Famous Cousin!)


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This season of "Scandal", we get to meet a pre-teen 'Olivia Pope' as the ultimate Fixer has some major flashbacks about her mysterious mother.  Meet the talented YBF chick who plays 'Young Olivia' inside...

Been wondering who's that YBF chick playing 'Young Olivia' on this season of "Scandal"?  Meet super adorable teen actress Yara Shahidi!

 photo BaxQ7qgCcAAOC2Sjpg_large_zps85035559.jpg

 photo BaxhSmPCMAAmtjwjpg_large_zps02e4e539.jpg

Yara is 13-years-old and is already co-starring on one of television's biggest, history-making shows.  And we think she makes for the perfect young Kerry Washington/Olivia.

This budding actress is taking the fabulous opportunity very seriously, and constantly tweets about her on-set education she is receiving from the vets in the business.  Yara posted about how gracious she was that Kerry made a special trip to the set just to say Hi.

 photo BaxovHPCcAAh2O8jpg_large_zpsacf43689.jpg

 photo BaxdjWmCMAA3ZzKjpg_large_zps748c3281.jpg

And about her on screen mom and dad (Khandi Alexander& Joe Morton), she looks to them like her personal on-set acting coaches.  She says "Ms. Khandi" is "a talented, stunning, amazing role model" for her.  And she says she's "learning while working" with Joe.

Gotta love a kid who realizes & utilizes the resources they have at their fingertips.

 photo BayFFfXCYAAEknAjpg_large_zps2841a3c2.jpg

She's also been sharpening her acting chops as a First Daughter on the Centric network sitcom "The First Family". 

And she previously starred with Eddie Murphy in Imagine That, popped up in Angelina Jolie's film Salt, and co-starred in Tyler Perry's Alex Cross film.


 photo BaxaIWFCQAANgA2jpg_large_zpsf0cc9ee9.jpg

And by the way, she's got a super famous cousin to boot: Nas!  The rapper tweeted about his little cousin's appearance on the show last night, and they recently snapped a pic together with Nas' daughter, Destiny.



Photos: Yara's Twitter


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