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EXCLUSIVE: Terrence Howard On Storming Off The 'Best Man Holiday' Set + Melissa De Sousa's SPICY Behavior


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Note to actors: If Terrence Howard is ever your co-star, do not perform your lines exactly as written in the script....or else dude will indeed storm off the set!  In part 3 of TheYBF.com's Opening Weekend Exclusive Interview Series with the entire cast of The Best Man Holiday, we had a pretty funny chit chat with the witty Mr. Howard and his spicy co-star, Melissa De Sousa.


Check it inside...


Oh yes.  Quentin & Shelby....the twosome we've all been waiting to see 15 years later.  Recently in L.A., we caught up with actors Terrence Howard & Melissa De Sousa to find out what to expect from their on sceen reunion, why Terrence's foolish activities pissed off the director and cast and more.

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YBF: We are so excited for Quentin and Shelby’s return. Where did you think that Malcolm was going to take your characters 14 years later?

MELISSA: I just knew she had to be bigger and badder! And he definitely went there. I call her Shelby 2.0. They call her Shelby 10.0.

TERRENCE: I just wanted Quentin to be black this time. It’s been hard playing light skin all these years. There are people like Morris…I can play a black character, I’m black! [Laughter]

MELISSA: I knew we [Quentin and I] would end up rolling around together again. I mean, we have to.
TERRENCE: We look for every opportunity, there were a lot of other times we got together that they didn’t shoot but no one was looking.

MELISSA: NO, that didn’t happen. That was a script in his mind. [Laughter]

YBF: You all were in Toronto shooting for how long?

MELISSA: About three months.

YBF: What was your favorite moment on set?

TERRENCE: My Favorite moment on set was when I got mad because everyone was saying their lines like they were suppose to. And I just walked off from the table, I was just mad!

MELISSA: He did! That wasn’t the director’s favorite moment or ours. We were like “Oh, I wonder if he’s going to come back?”

TERRENCE: Then they all came out and was like “Terrence, awe you don’t have to do this, you don’t have to do that” and so I made them give me some more money!


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YBF: Malcolm did say, the cast didn’t make what they are worth for this movie, but that Terrence, we had to give him some more money!  [Jokingly said.]

Terrence: [Laughter] No, the greatest thing about coming back and seeing these people again is knowing that everyone went to head-cutting on the first movie. So the second movie everybody was coming in even stronger. Like I saw the movie and I thought Melissa wiped everybody out, Melissa and Harold [Pictured above].

MELISSA: No, no, no! He always says that. He knows he is the scene-stealer. As soon as he walks in the room, I’m like “You didn’t even talk yet!”

YBF: Everyone is waiting to see you two. Your characters are so dynamic! The director Malcolm Lee said one of his favorite characters is Shelby because she’s ‘Spicy’ and ‘Sassy’. I have to say you definitely gave it to us!

MELISSA: Awe, thank you!

TERRENCE: What about me?

YBF: I already said it, you gave IT in The Best Man Holiday! And we really liked your Wardrobe!!

TERRENCE: [Towards Melissa] See, I told you it worked!

MELISSA: Yes, he did fight for those outfits.

TERRENCE: I got my wrist cufflets on too [from the film].

YBF: Nice!

Best Man Holidayis on track to over-perform with a $34+ million weekend opening.  Have you seen it yet?

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Photos: Universal Pictures, YBF Correspondent: Kalia Silva

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