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Laura Govan Covers BE Magazine, Talks Being OVER Jackie Christie


Laura Govan is still keeping her name in the mix these days.  The "LA Basketball Wife" is covering the new issue of BE Magazine.  And she's talking about her 23 carat rock and why she's not trying to be bothered with Jackie Christie's drama next season...

She's looking great and back with her man, Gilbert Arenas.  Mom of 4 Laura Govan chatted up BE Magazine and the full issue hits their site tomorrow on Valentine's Day.  Here's the highlights:

BE Magazine: There was a lot of drama surrounding you, Gloria, and Jackie Christie on last season’s show…what can we expect this season, and have you and Jackie BEen able to find common ground?
Laura Govan: I’m over it. Just because I don’t hang with you in real life or don’t care to be friends with a person doesn’t mean I hate them…

BE Magazine: How does it feel to BE in love? And does BEing in love feel BEtter with a 23 Carat Ring?
Laura Govan: Being in love feels better when you’re with the person you were meant to be with! Me & Gil have been together for over 10 years now. I was with him when he was broke & I had to pay for our meal.

BE Magazine: What’s BEen new with Laura since we’ve last seen you on the BBW LA Reunion a few months ago?
Laura Govan: Growth. Sometimes I’ll catch repeats of past episodes when I’m at home and I look at myself and say “who is this girl!?” (laughing)


Photo Credit: Jonavennci Divad

The Randomness:

1. Kim K. and Reggie Bush indeed had a dinner date this weekend in L.A.  Mmhmmm. STORY

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