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THEY TRIED IT: Shonda Rhimes Claps Back At Claims "Scandal" Glorifies Adultery....Plus, NEW PROMO!


The battle of whether ABC's hit show "Scandal" glorifies adultery continues.  After the executive producer of a new salacious ABC show "Betrayal" spoke publicly about how "Scandal" maintained its success despite the adultery, it sparked creator Shonda Rhimes to write something about that....

Shonda just let y'all know you shouldn't mistake the deep artistic storyline of her show "Scandal" for a co-sign of adultery.  So she broke down what she trying to accomplish.

In her latest piece in TV Line, she says:

“I don’t feel like we’re making adultery acceptable. We weren’t setting out to make adultery OK,” Rhimes says of the Betrayal comparison. “To me it’s not about adultery or not adultery. We’re telling the story of these two characters who very specifically have this kind of relationship.”

Rhimes also notes that, to Scandal‘s credit, “we tell all sides. So while there are times when you’re like, ‘Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Liv are wonderful and I want them to be together,’ there are also times you think, ‘Fitz is scum and he shouldn’t be cheating on his wife.’ And there are times you think, TONY GOLDWYN, BELLAMY YOUNG‘Olivia should go off and find herself somebody who’s single.’

“I like the fact that everybody feels this big debate. That’s fantastic, because that’s the point,” Rhimes concludes. “We’re not giving a judgement on it one way or the other.”


Meanwhile, "Scandal has wrapped it's second season of taping .  And you can expect to see more Fitz/Liv action.  Shonda gave up a little info saying, "It's not over."

“When we come into the season, Mellie does have things managed on the marital front. But I think Fitz and Liv have an inexplicable attraction to one another....People may be surprised to discover what certain motives are in the situations they’ve been working in."

And now that filming of season 3 is officially underway, and Lisa Kudrow was just announced as having a new role as a politician, Shonda tweeted:

OMG, just watched a cut of @ScandalABC ep 302 that made me dance around my office like a fool. I get to work with great people! #Ilovemyjob

As for us....#jealous.

Now, check out the brand new promo for season 3 (If it doens't play below, click HERE.):




Season 3 premieres October 3rd and will run for 10 episodes in a row.  It will return after winter break on February 27th for 12 more episodes in a row. 


The Randomness:

1.  Chef Roble is set to debut his new fragrance for women called Clique.  STORY


Photo: ABC

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