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FIRST PIC! Baby North West REVEALED! (Plus Kanye's "Kris" Interview About Obsessing Over Kim, Protective Daddyhood, & Finding Love After His Mom's Death)


 photo Kendall-Jenner-First-Picture-North-West-600x600_zpsf69ca26c.jpg

Kanye West just revealed the first pic of baby North West!  And we've got the bouncing baby girl's pic inside. 


Plus, we've got the highlights from his interview with grandma Kris Jenner where he reveals his obsession with his baby's mother Kim Kardashian (both past and present), what it's like living with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and why he's so hateful of the paparazzi (it comes with being an over protective new dad).

There's North West!  In all her dark haired, plump cheeks, baby girl glory!

Kanye revealed the pic today and also dropped lots of nuggets in a rare interview.

If you thought Kanye just hated the paparazzi because he was being extra, well, that's only part of it.  The run-ins all stem from him being an overprotective new dad to baby North West and his new family. 

Kanye's interview with Kris Jenner on her "Kris" show today revealed a few things we didn't know: Just how deep his obsession with joining the Kardashian family really runs, his super sweet romantic side, how Kim & her fam have changed his life, and why it was so hard finding love after his mom died.  Oh, and he's now getting closer with his dad who was an esteemed photo journalist.

 photo ScreenShot2013-08-23at123957PM_zpscb3ab271.png

Here are the highlights:

On falling in love with Kim Kardashian upon first sight

The first time we met, she was in the studio and was Brandy's assistant. She brought us something to drink--something you can't drink on daytime TV.  She came to the video me & Brandy were doing.  And I asked my manager, "Who's that girl right there?" He said, "Who, Kim?"

Love at first sight?  "Oh yeah, definitely.  I remember seeing pics of her like out with Paris Hilton and asking my friends, "You ever seen Kim Kar-da-jan--I couldn't pronounce it."


On finally meeting Kim
I had this TV show I was working on that had all these puppets around it. And we were doing this skit where I was playing a Star Wars character. And I wanted her to play Princess Lea because she was my dream girl. She came to the show and I remember being so nervous around her and so in awe because she was in front of me. I was in love with her before I even got to talk to her.

On finding love after his mother died

Since my mom passed, it was very difficult to find love. It's hard for anybody to find love, esp. if you're famous. Or polarizing.I'm definitely romantic. Because I'm an artist. i like surprises, I like to sweep someone off their feet....After I lost my mother, I felt like I would put my life at risk.  I felt like I didn't have anything to live for.  Now I have two special people to live for.  A whole family to live for.

On being the ultimate romantic (and his custom Zanotti shoes for Kim)

We went to Rome, went to Florence, went to Remini, Italy. people said why would you go to Remini? A friend of mine, Giuseppe Zanotti, has a factory out there. So I brought her there. I sat there and we sketched out shoes for her that Zanotti made from scratch and he sent her the shoes in like 2 weeks. So she got to pick out her own Zanottis.


On his obsession with joining the Kardashian family years before he started dating Kim

Kris revealed an example of a pic where Kanye photoshopped himself into the annual Kardashian Christmas Card (which he did often).  Kanye said, "I just dreamed about being next to her….I don't want to start jumping up and down on the couch or anything."

On being a dad and protecting North from the paparazzi

The thing I think about as a dad is just protection.  That's my only goal is to protect my daughter.  That's my instinct.

A big thing that plagues us is this idea of the paparazzi chasing a 5 year old around and screaming at them.  For me I'm supposed to be this musical genius.  But I can't even work the car seat that well.  I'm embarrased in front my girl that I can't work the car seat.  What if I can't work the car seat when all these paparazzi are hounding us and then they take pics of me not being able to do it correctly....then the pics end up on 20 media outlets then 20,000 people come after me like "You can't work the car seat!" So it has me waking up in a cold sweat and trying to learn about the carseat at 3AM.

On why Kanye decided to reveal North on the show

We have not attempted to get paid from a magazine.  To stop all the noise, I thought it would be really cool that on her grandmother's season finale to bring a picture of North.

On being annoyed with people and paparazzi using the couple for money and a come up (he didn't address whether he felt Kim did this herself & participated in this to get to where she is)

There's so many people who are only around you to make money off of you.....I'm going to talk to the Mayor of LA and the Mayor of NYC about zoning.  There have to be parameters around places like schools.


On what it's like living with The Jenner/Kardashian clan

I think...it's interesting.  Just as a creative guy, I would have my apt. in New York and be a bachelor.  It was super minimal, just one plant somewhere.  But here, it's something everywhere and a lot of noise.  But now I'm used to it.  When I'm out, I try to get home early just to get home to my family.

(Then Kris chimed in about missing Kanye when he leaves for business trips and constantly asking when he's coming back.)

Here's the full interview below:



Photos: Kendall Jenner's Website, Kris' IG

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