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Gabrielle Union Says She Wants Kids In 2 Years + Watch "Being Mary Jane" IN CASE YOU MISSED IT


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Gabrielle Union looks to have a hit on her hands.  Her new show "Being Mary Jane" premiered on BET last night.  And we loved it.  And so did the social media world, it seems.  Get the full episode inside in case you missed it, plus what she recently said about wanting to pop out babies in 2 years...


Gabby stopped by "Extra" recently to promote her new BET series "Being Mary Jane.  When the girlfriend of Miami Heat champ Dwyane Wade was asked about when she's going to add kids to her exciting life, the 40-year-old actress gave an interesting answer.

"I always knew I was going to wait really long. And I followed the Halle Berry example. So in the next couple years? If I'm lucky. I will make that a reality hopefully. I think with the career and industry we're in, it's not taboo to be an older mom. You're not alone. There's support to start a family a little bit older."

She continued:

"I have friends at home who started in their 20's and that's awesome too. There's give and take. But for me, I knew I wouldn't be the kind of parent I wanted to be. I would be way too selfish and resent having to miss out on things. but now I'm in a place where I'm happy. Still wanting adventure, but I want part of that adventure to include a child."

She also talks about studying her obsession--Soledad O'Brien--for her role as a news anchor in "Being Mary Jane."  Check out the full interview below:


By the way, Gabby and the rest of the Think Like A Man Too crew wrapped the movie last night.  She tweeted:

Leaving Las Vegas... #TLAM2 is wrapped... Its more than just a movie for us, its a family. So grateful :) miss yall kids already! The movie is slated to


And in case you missed the TV movie special "Being Mary Jane" last night, which will turn into a series on BET as well, we've got it below.  And we must say, we LOVED it.  We're pretty sure every YBF woman will be able to relate to Mary Jane Paul and her family, career, sex, and relationship drama in some way.  It makes you feel like we're not alone in our daily struggle for happiness, despite having what others may think is "everything":


The Randomness:

1.  Jay-Z was denied a permit at the last minute to perform atop the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC. Even though the mayor's office approved it just days ago, thanks to the leak about the concert, they likely are now concerned about terrorist threats and crowd control. So now, it's a NO-GO! STORY


Photo: Gabby's IG

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