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BEACH BODIES: NBA Stars Blake Griffin & Deandre Jordan FLEX Their PECS With The Ladies + Montana Fishburne & Her New Boobs Have "IMPROMPTU" Dance-Off


 photo cigard5.jpg

LA Clippers stars Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan headed over to Greece for some fun on the beach.  Meanwhile, Montana Fishburne was seen hitting Venice beach where she shook things up....namely her new implants...for photographers.  See the candids inside...


 photo cigard2.jpg

Now that basketball season is over, NBA ballers Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan (of the LA Clippers) can travel the world and partake of the fabulous lives that their basketball careers have afforded them.  

 photo cigard3.jpg

International photographers caught the shirtless duo flexing their pecs among a bevy of beauties on Psarou Beach in Mykonos, Greece today.

 photo cigard4.jpg

 photo cigard1.jpg

Deandre seemed to enjoy the attention of his admirers as he smoked and popped bottles of Moet.

 photo cigard6.jpg  

And when he realized he was being watched by photographers.....Deandre turned around and offered a two-fingered salute.  


And in California.....

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachj7500s7uVbEl.jpg

"Former" porn star Montana Fishburne was spotted at Venice Beach with her boyfriend/"alleged" pimp J. Pipes.  And seeing that she went and gt some new chi chis, we can only wonder if she's looking to put those to use on video again...

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachFVGgY_PpcILl.jpg

We don't know where Montana had been cooling her heels for the past few months, but we've noticed that she always "manages" to show up at Venice Beach when the paparazzi are around.  And she SURE makes them notice her.

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeach6zSiyh9-Xm6l.jpg

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachbhMs0WrJ242l.jpg

Yesterday, Montana, in need of some attention and public affection,  showed onlookers how to bump and grind (minus the porn crew).

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachSyL_dokhAxTl.jpg photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachV3EnXUx1y6pl.jpg 

Her spontaneous sideshow also included a few dances moves with a local drummer.  

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeach20q5WLFCnNdl.jpg

After her dance, Montana went for a dip in the ocean.  

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachjMtE8zYWq51l.jpg

And the cameras caught her backfield in motion.

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeacharXzTl5y_Zal.jpg

 photo MontanaFishburneHitsBeachWUCb1XzoweYl.jpg

We wonder if she's still working on an acting career?


Photos via FameFlynet Pictures/INF

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