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NEED FOR WEED? Tyra Banks Spotted Hitting Up A Cannabis Shop With A Mystery Man


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So Tyra Banks likes a lil puff puff every now and then....possibly.  Because the 39-year-old model was spotted hitting up a cannabis shop in Venice, California this weekend....with a mystery boo.  Check out the former talk show diva carrying out her brown bag stash inside...

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Model diva Tyra Banks was spotted makeup free and in a jogging suit Saturday afternoon on Abbot Kinney Boulevard near Venice Beach.  She had just had some lunch with this hottie of a mystery guy (clearly her new boo as they were also spotted holding hands later on) and was on her way to a marijuana shop.

She was seen looking around inside The Farmacy, a shop that has (according to their website),"A superb [range of] California grown medical cannabis, cannabis infused products, and other high quality global organic medicine."

So could it possibly be something non-cannabis related in that brown bag she carried out?  Possibly.  But we're going with the assumption she copped a lil stash for some relaxation.

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Now the  real question is who this man is.  Because we all know Tyra likes to remind the world--like she recently did on Twitter--that her biological clock is ticking extra loudly.

Somebody give this woman some babies already...


Photos: Splash/Fame

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