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Naomi Doesn't Play--"The Face" Contestant FIRED After She's Caught Boo'd Up With Ex Vladimir


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A former "The Face" contestant and Naomi Campbell-protege has been fired from her management company after pictures of her hooking up with Naomi's ex-Vlad Doronin surfaced!  See the scandalous pics inside....

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Mere weeks after Vlad Doronin was spotted hooking up with a Naomi Campbell look-alike on his yacht, he tossed yet another dagger at Naomi by hooking up with Luo Zilin, the 2011 Miss Universe China.

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If Luo's face--which looks to be loving sitting atop Vladimir all sexy on his boat--looks slightly familiar, that's because Luo was a contestant and the runner-up on Naomi's Oxygen reality "The Face".  And while on the show, she spent the entire season on Team Naomi as one of her proteges!  Low down.

But it gets better............ 

 photo article-2335160-1A207132000005DC-276_634x536.jpg

Luo's act of betrayal didn't go unnoticed by the fashion industry because her bosses at MIX Model Management NYC ended her contract last week! Neal Hamil, President of MIX Model Management NYC confirmed that Luo was fired for 'unprofessional conduct' and an 'unacceptable work ethic'.

Though Naomi hasn't spoken out about the backstabbing model, Luo's former "The Face" competitor and co-star Jocelyn Chew tweeted, 'I'm completely shocked/disgusted W my 'teammate' Zilin. Never judge a book by it's cover. #truecolors love you @naomicampbell '

We hope for Luo's sake that she NEVER comes face to face with Naomi. Over the years, Ms. Campbell seems to have gotten her "anger management" issues under control, but Vlad is really pushing it.  He must not remember NaNa will POP THE HELL OFF when times call for it.  Ish will be flying everywhere.

On some level, we think he has to be handpicking these chicks just to piss Naomi off.  We just hope Naomi doesn't let his actions take her back to her dark place.  But we'll be watching if those dark actions re-appear...

Welcome to the devilish fashion world Luo...

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Photos via FameFlynet/Splash/Luo Zilin's Twitter

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