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ON THE SET: The "TLAM Too" Cast Still Partying, Bonding & Filming In VEGAS


 photo 82f21b64ca8411e2892d22000a1fb72b_7.jpg

The "Think Like A Man Too" cast is filming in Las Vegas and we've got another round-up of cute cast photos from behind the scenes. See LaLa, Gabrielle, Taraji, Regina, Meagan and more inside....

 photo tlam291.jpg

Think Like A ManToo honcho Will Packer shared a few pics from the Las Vegas set of the upcoming sequel, and the pics reveal a very close-knit cast...that loves to get their drink on and have some fun.

While we've already seen a few candid pics of the cast in Las Vegas, a recent roundup of pictures shows how truly close the ladies (and gents) are getting.

 photo tlma991.jpg 

Will playfully teased, "My face says it all: Why won't @lala behave??"

 photo tlam2.jpg  

And we're not sure if these pedicures were a part of the film, or simply a director's treat, but Will reveal to his followers that he's good to his cast. He tweeted, "I know how to treat my Leading Ladies... @tarajiphenson @gabunion Regina Hall".  Must be nice...

 photo ecb9ce6ccabf11e28f3922000ae90d55_7.jpg

Not sure if Regina's ring is part of the movie, but the girls are living it up.  And looking extra fab while doing so.

 photo 580f622eca7211e292b622000a1fb73b_7.jpg

 photo bdddbcf4ca7211e2997822000a1fd57c_7.jpg

 photo 9a460aa2ca7311e2829822000a9f1487_7.jpg

 photo 1b3f17a2ca6f11e28ec622000aa8030b_7.jpg

And actress Jennifer Lewis (who looks amazing) got in on the fun too.

 photo 62ab3decca6e11e2a59b22000a9f3c66_7.jpg

 photo 09d2c94aca2511e2996e22000a1f98fe_7.jpg

 photo 7ca01944ca2711e2986122000a9f194c_7.jpg

With the script calling for the ladies to be in tip-top shape for their bikini scenes, Gabrielle and Lala clearly are killin' it!  We see Lala's "60 Days Of Fitness" paid off.   And Gabby looks straight out a SI swimsuit shoot.  WORK.

 photo ccc691e8c93a11e2a54722000a9f1597_7.jpg photo 70605c98c94611e2a66b22000a9f09de_7.jpg   

And in between between filming scenes and getting her hair and makeup done, Taraji P. Henson had a little fun in bed with the male members of the cast, Terrence J, Romany Malco, Gary Owen and Jerry Ferrara.

 photo 9acd9f5aca3511e28ed122000a9f1311_7.jpg    

And Lala gave the middle-finger wave to someone taking a quick flick of her and Meagan napping.  Looks like these folks are having a grand old time shooting this film.  Can't wait to see the finish product!  


Photos via Instagram/Will Packer/Lala Anthony/Gabrielle Union/Taraji P. Henson

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