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Hot 97's Mister Cee ARRESTED For Soliciting A MALE PROSTITUTE...AGAIN!


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Some folks never learn.  Hot 97's legendary (in more ways than one) DJ Mister Cee is back up to his old tricks again.  And by tricks, we mean prostitutes.


Deets inside on his latest arrest for soliciting yet another male prostitute....

It's like April 2011 all over again.  For the second time in 2 years, DJ Mister Cee was arrested for soliciting a male prostitute.

Several reports say that police have confirmed Cee--government name Calvin LeBrun--was cuffed after he allegedly tried to pick up a prostitute on a Brooklyn street corner.

According to the NY Daily News, Calvin had no clue that the gigolo he allegedly approached on the corner of Madison St. & Broadway around midnight Friday...was actually an undercover cop.  FAIL.

Calvin has been officially charged with "patronizing a prostitute" and is still waiting to be arraigned today.

If you'll recall, back in April 2011, Cee was arrested after he was found engaged in oral sex with a male prostitute in Manhattan.  He plead guilty to that offense, yet stayed oddly mum about the fact the prostitute was male.  He also said the whole arrest was a conspiracy by NYPD.  Alrighty then.

It was also uncovered at that time that Cee was arrested a few times previous to that for other lewd & prostitution acts, unbeknownst to the public.

Quiet as kept, this dude also has a wife, allegedly. 

Sometimes it's easier to just be who you REALLY are and find you a boo you actually want.  In this case, possibly one of the male persuasion.  Then you wouldn't have to turn to prostitutes to get your rocks off.



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