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50 & FABULOUS! Happy Birthday Vanessa Williams!


 photo BFnFnRnCAAACzMijpg_large_zps60b9ede9.jpg

The fabulous Vanessa Williams has been gorgeous for like, ever.  And today, she's still a hottie while ringing in her 50th birthday.  Celebrate with the actress inside...

From becoming the first black Miss America to juggling several kids as a single mom after divorce to breaking into the acting and singing world with a great career...Vanessa Williams has done it all.

And the New York native celebrated (above) with a party and a purrty red velvet cake from the famed Aliyyah Baylor's Make My Cake NYC. 


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-18at21326PM_zpsf8bd5043.png

But it wasn't her first yummy treat.  Her co-stars in her new Broadway production The Trip To Bountiful laced her with a cake this past Friday.  She tweeted:

Happy Birthday to me from the @BountifulBway cast today during rehearsal #redvelvetcake


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-18at21505PM_zps5084c616.png

She's been in the business for three decades, and she still keeps herself a great job or two at all times.  Oh how we miss Wilhemina Slater....

Vanessa's starring in the upcoming Temptation movie.  And in case you didn't know, Ms. Williams serves as the voice of the sexy Brown M&M in the candy's commercials....and it's the first time the brown M&M has ever had an actual character.  Chick even makes candy fab.



Photos: Vanessa's Instagram

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