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*UPDATED* PUBLICIST Confirms Seizure, But Says Lil Wayne Is RECOVERING....Report Still Alleges He's On Life Support (Plus Lil Wayne Tweets Update)


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Young Money has released an official statement on Lil Wayne's health, plus conflicting reports still allege he is on life support....

Here is the official statement from Young Money's publicist on Lil Wayne's current condition: "We can confirm Lil Wayne did have a seizure and that he is recovering."

As we previously reported, TMZ gave a detailed report about Wayne being read his last rites, being in an induced coma, and him being on breathing tubes and in critical condition after seizures today.  Lil Wayne's Young Money crew--Birdman& Mack Maine--denied the breathing tubes and near death status.  Mack also just tweeted"F*ck TMZ".

TMZ now reports Wayne's mother Cita is on her way to L.A., and no medical decisions can be made without her--including any decisions to remove Wayne from life support (that the site still claims he is on).  The site has also now removed the "last rites" update they previously posted.

Lil Wayne's crew has not denied the syrup binge accusations.

*UPDATE 9:55p ET* A tweet came from Lil Wayne's account:

I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.

Some are not convinced he actually tweeted it himself.

And TMZ, who we all know gets pissy when they get called a liar, said the following:

Sources at the hospital tell us Wayne is still in critical condition in the ICU ... but stabilizing.  We're told the prognosis is uncertain.  Wayne is sleeping right now ... which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he's OK and thanking people for the prayers and love.

One side of this situation will have some explaining to do when things settle.  Regardless, we're hoping for a speedy recovery for Wayne.

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