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Erica Mena's "Baby Bump"--A LAME Publicity Stunt?


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After pics of Erica Mena showing off an alleged baby bump hit the net yesterday, she's been tweeting vague statements about people "assuming" things and how she's doing "boss" things.  Apparently, in 2013, the new definition of a BOSS is someone who does blatant attention whoring on social media, then blames others for listening and watching.


Check out pics of Erica downing liquor the same night she showed off "a bump"....

While hosting a party at Bar 7 in D.C. Thursday night, "Love & Hip Hop" star Erica Mena, already a mom of 1, posted these pics.  People HOLDING her tummy, calling themselves "auntie," and Erica saying how happy she is.  But it sounds like she posted pics--and allowed others to post pics--acting like she's pregnant, but she may not be.

Erica, who seems to think it's cute to joke about pregnancy, has been tweeting things like:

LMFAO! Assume and you make an A$$ out of yourself!

Last time we checked, doing a blatant action exclusive to one meaning--like HOLDING YOUR PROTRUDING BELLY and co-signing when people call themselves "auntie"--is far from making an assumption.  It's called putting 2 and 2 together.  There's a difference. 

And based off the above pics we just received, of Erica holding a bottle of Patron over her mouth, her "bump" pics very well could have been nothing more than an immature publicity stunt.  Additionally, it's more sad than anything that a mother would jokingly lie about a pregnancy.

And then there's these pics from last night at Stadium nightclub in D.C.:

 photo x2_10ea2625_zps882a1293.jpg photo BDSIaXVCQAAloJOjpg_large_zps3ac43f23.jpg

Her tummy looks much more flat while she partied with WPGC radio personality Sunni, who posted the pics.

And by the way, our source spotted her taking shots of Nuvo last week at Isis King's fashion show in NYC. 

I'm sure this lameness and immaturity will get rewarded in the form of a new "LAHH" storyline.   The basicness of it all.  We're over it.

Pics: Twitter

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