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SPOTTED: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Dealing With Their "Difficult Pregnancy"...In Rio De Janeiro!


 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestbattlecrowdsafteruoYgo-l5tHZl.jpg 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were seen holding hands during what Kim and her mother Kris Jenner has said is a physically difficult time in her pregnancy....all the way in Rio De Janeiro.  See how the rich handle stress inside....

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestbattlecrowdsafterqNfiUhERGRBl.jpg

Kim Kardashian is having a very rough week.  The stress of dating one of the world's most famous men, starring on one of television's most popular reality shows and trying to get divorced has begun to take its toll....according to her mother and confirmed reports.   This week, while Kris Jenner appeared on "The View", she confirmed reports that a doctor had to be called to Kim's home recently because the stress of the ongoing divorce was causing problems for her and the unborn baby.  Some folks (including Kris Humphries) allege it was all a ploy to garner sympathy from a judge and to accelerate the divorce without her having to admit what Humphries believes--the marriage was a fraud. He even said that it's not his fault she chose to get pregnant before getting a divorce.

But clearly, Kim's snapped right back because she hopped a plane to Brazil to go meet her baby's father Kanye.

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestbattlecrowdsafter2Y8wqF40S_Ll.jpg

Stress is easily relieved by a little jet-setting around the world. Or so it seems.  Because nothing says "stress free" like being around hundreds of fans clawing to get at you and screaming your name amidst flashing lights.

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestbattlecrowdsafterlQ-iSmonrCgl.jpg

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestbattlecrowdsafterG3Lq3wdG_6Hl.jpg

The mother-to-be was seen in a cute turquoise dress and blue strappy heels battling through a crowd of fans and photographers in Rio de Janeiro after dining with Kanye last night.

The family-to-be hit dinner at Gero restaurant, which was preceded by an equally public luncheon at Braseiro Gavera restaurant.

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestbattlecrowdsaftera8x5azedwfbl.jpg 

We wonder if the couple will take a stress-free private plane ride back to LA in time for the Grammys.  Only time will tell...

Photos via Pacific Coast News

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