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Beyoncé NAILS The National Anthem LIVE At SUPERBOWL Press Conference! (And Dishes Out Answers & Explanations)


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Just minutes ago at the Marc Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Beyoncé Knowles took the podium, in a white hot mini Antonio Berardi dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, to participate in a press conference for her upcoming Pepsi Halftime Superbowl show.  And she kicked it off by busting out a surprise LIVE rendition of the National Anthem.  And nailed it.  Clearly proving what we already know--she's got the talent regardless.


Deets inside...

Beyonce, who just re-signed with the Pepsi company as its Global Brand Ambassador, spoke for the first time today about her show and the lip syncing drama. But first, she shut up the naysayers in the classiest way possible--by singing the National Anthem live, with no track.

And she ended with a laugh saying, "Thank you guys so much.  Any questions?"

The gorgeous gal told the sea of press that she does feel nervous bout the show and got chills when she first drove past the Superdome because it's so much history there.  But since her family is from New Iberia, LA, she feels ready and comfortable for her performance as she's leaving her own legacy.

And the "Countdown" diva bubbly answered the burning questions everyone's been asking.

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On her decision to pre-record her National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration

I am a perfectionist.  And one thing about me, I practice until my feet bleed.  And I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra.  It was a live tv show and a very, very important, emotional show for me.  One of my proudest moments.  Due to the weather, due to the delay and lack of proper soundcheck, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk. It was about the President and the Inauguration.  And I wanted to make him and my country proud.  So, I decided to sing along to a pre-recorded track, which is very common in the music industry.  And I'm very proud of my performance.

On whether there will be a Destiny's Child reunion during the halftime show

I can't really give you any details.  I'm sorry. 

On whether she will sing live or to a track for her Superbowl halftime performance

I will absolutely be singing live.  I am well rehearsed.  And this is what I was born to do.

On whether the flack she caught for singing to her own track at the Inauguration affected what she will do in the future, like at the Grammys

It was always the plan to sing live for the Superbowl.  And who said I was performing at The Grammys?

On the pressure of Inauguration vs. Superbowl halftime show

This weekend, I'm performing at the halftime show, and before, the event was not about me.  I've moved on to focusing on this halftime show.

 photo beyonce-national-anthem-live-at-super-bowl-press-conference-13_zpsb06e88d5.jpg

On why she decided to show more of Blue Ivy in her upcoming HBO documentary

I feel like my daughter has changed me and changed my life and given me so much purpose.  This movie is very necessary and shows a human side.  At some point, my job is to protect her.  And I'm glad to tell the story on my terms.

On how she and Jay-Z spend their football Sundays

You would have to ask Jay-Z what he does. I'm usually on the computer, pulling references, and looking at my rehearsals.  But I will say, I do go to sleep and wake up with a lot of football.  I have the utmost respect for the players.

On the color of her toothbrush and why

I love this question!  It's blue....blue and white.  Blue and yellow maybe?  {Laughs}

On details of her intricate performance

There's 7.5 mins for the volunteers to put the stage together.  I met the volunteers and they're so incredible.  We're all working together and I can't give too much away.  But every second matters and we're WORKING.  I had to condense my career into 12 minutes.

On when she's going back on tour

Soon.  I may have an announcement after the performance.  And the fans should stay tuned to see.

On being nervous about her upcoming documentary

I am so nervous about putting that out.  It was really interesting directing and editing mysef and seeing all the mistakes I've made.  But still putting it in the film.  I feel like it's time for people to really get to know me.  And to see a different side.  I'm really curious and scared...but now it's too late.  I'm happy with it.

On what she'll do to relax after the Superbowl

I'm going to be with my daughter.  I miss her so much.  I keep telling her, I'll be right back at 9p on Sunday!


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This will be the first ever crowd sourced introduction during a Superdome Halftime show--using pics from fans.

And despite a fake "rider" of Beyonce's alleged demands hitting the net, the Superbowl Equipment staff has tweeted that she was the only celeb to stop and thank each person individually for helping develop her stage.


Here's video of the full press conference below:


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