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Deelishis REVEALS Deets About BEING Raped At Age 18, Her Husband Says, "You Led That Man On!" (VIDEO)


We told you earlier that reality TV star Deelishis would be appearing in the Detroit-based Motor City Wives.  And recently, she's seen in a shocking video where she talks about being raped when she was 18. But here's the kicker....her husband says she led on her rapist!  Watch the clip inside and speak on it....

During an interview with S2S editor Jamie Foster Brown, Deelishis revealed details about her past.

As her husband, Orlando Gordon, fried up some chicken, the reality star told a very in-depth story about being raped at 18 by a man whom she had a crush on (she was alone with him at his house).

But as Deelishis told the story, her husband gave his opinion about her putting herself in a situation saying, "You led that man on!" 

They then began a discussion about the meaning of "no" with Deelishis saying a woman has the right to say no at any time she wants to stop.  And it DOES NOT give a man the right to commit rape if something sexual has already occurred.

Watch the video below:

So....what do you think?  Does Orlando have a point about women putting themselves in certain situations?  Or is that all a moot point because women have the right to stop any and all sexual acts any time they want?

SIDEBAR:  Orlando was recently indicted in federal court for participating in a drug ring and Deelishis' engagement ring was confiscated! 



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