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NOT MARRIED....YET! Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa DENY 'Secret Marriage' Rumors


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After Amber Rose used the word "husband" to describe her fiance Wiz Khalifa in front of the paparazzi cams this past week, a report hit the net that they had secretly gotten married.  But just as we suspected it's just pet names folks.


Wiz's denial of a secret marriage inside....

Amber told the TMZ paps that "her husband" loves the Ninja Turtles when they ran into her out in L.A. last week.  That led the site to report that the two must have gotten secretly married. 

But like we reported, Amber & Wiz have been calling each other "husband and wife" since the day they got together.  And that's all it was.  Wiz followed up with the site yesterday saying:

“We’ve always called each other husband and wife since day one. We’ve always been husband and wife.”

Wiz previously said the two would be married on paper before the baby is born.  And their little Wizbud is due February 24th.  So....

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Meanwhile, Amber's getting all nostalgic on Instagram posting side by side pics of her and Wiz's baby pics so the fans could see what their baby boy COULD possible look like.  She said:

Seems like a long pregnancy to u guys? Yea tell me about it Lol I started showing at 10weeks! At the VMAs I was only 16 weeks! #BigBoy :-) I know my Rosebuds & Rosestuds r anxious 4 ur Lil bro 2 be born but Muva isn't due til Feb 24th maybe even a Lil later patience my Luvs :-)

Good luck you two!

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