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SNEAK PEEK: Q Parker's Wife Sharlinda Parker, Kahdijiha Rowe & Brie Rowe STAR On "Big Rich Atlanta"



Q. Parker's wife Sharlinda Parker stars on Style Network's upcoming reality show "Big Rich Atlanta" and she's bringing her daughter Kahdijiha Rowe and twin sister Brie Rowe along for the ride. Watch a sneak peek of the show inside...


Sharlinda Parker, who's married to R&B crooner and 112 singer Q. Parker, has landed a lead role on "Big Rich Atlanta," the latest installment of the Style Network's "Big Rich" franchise.  

The show enters the exclusive world of Atlanta’s Buckhead Country Club and follows the antics of the wealthy mothers and daughters who navigate the social scene.  Sharlinda, who stars on the show with her daughter Kahdijiha and Shar's twin sister Brie spoke to the Style Network about her love of fashion, her style inspirations and how she stay's sexy. Here are the highlights:

How would you describe your personal style?
Sexy! Every outfit I wear has to be sexy. I don't care if I'm wearing sweats, jeans, workout clothes…it has to be sexy. I like sparkle, shimmer, glitter. I love to be glam. If anyone else looked at me, they would say I'm a girlie girl. However, I like to get it quick. My stuff is organized. I don't spend a lot of time getting ready. I don't need the bubble baths or anything to get my look together.

How do you ensure that you look sexy while doing mundane things like running erands and housekeeping?
When I'm cooking, I'll wear a sequined apron. When I'm running errands, I'll rock a loose, fitted shirt with skinny jeans, cute flat shoe and shades. When I travel, I'll bring as few bags as possible!

Who do you look up to for fashion inspiration?
My style icons are Jackie O., Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and J.Lo because they all have such great style.

How does your style differ from twin sister's?
Our styles are similar. We can actually shop for each other.

What do you love about wearing hats?
When you walk around with a hat, it makes me feel secure. I love the secludedness. You can feel like you're peeping out.

What kind of bags do you like to carry on a daily basis?
I am so versatile. I'm not into one brand or shape. I'm very easy.

What's your philosophy on accessorizing with jewelry?
I always wear statement jewelry. Sometimes, I'll wear more than one statement jewelry. I break all the rules with everything.

What has been your most memorable splurge ever?
A few years ago, I went to the Versace store in Las Vegas. The store was locked down and we shopped. Everyone was standing on the outside of the store and we purchased anything and everything that we absolutely wanted inside the store. I loved everything I got—dresses, bags, shoes, belts, everything!

What are your tips for busy moms who want to look sexy?
For moms who feel like they've lost it, turn to the Style Network, look at some magazines, find fashions that are in your comfort zone. Don't try to look too edgy like the young girls. Find out what works for you, like a pencil skirt with a flat boot. Create your ownlook that's safe for you depending on how old your children are. If you have a 1-year-old or 2-year-old, you don't want heels. You don't always have to have a face full of makeup. Get a tinted moisturizer and rub a pea size in your hand. That makes everything look different. Also, always keep your hair done.

What's your signature scent?
Creed and the Bonds. You don't have to stick to one scent. Creed and Bond have a variety of scents, and I mix them. They blend very well. You can mix and match and no one will know what you have one except you! You're creating your own scent. I should say that my favorite scent is my scent called Tu La 2. We launched it seven or eight years ago. We're revisiting it right now. We're meeting with the chemist to mix it as we speak. It will be under the lines of Creed and Bond—something woodsy, not too fruity.

Do you like to collect anything in terms of fashion?
I collect sunglasses. That's my thing. My husband and I love sunglasses. It depends on the occasion. We have a nice collection. My husband gave some away, so we probably have 80 pairs now. We normally have hundreds of them. We have a display and we put some up and my husband has some in his drawer.

Do you collecting anything for your home?
Butterflies! I have a connection with butterflies. I was pregnant once, miscarried and everything was decorated for my baby with butterflies, so I just continued that on for about 10 years. I don't display it. I may have cards with butterflies. I may have a scarf with butterflies. There are a few butterfly pieces in my china cabinet. There may be a few jewelry pieces with a butterfly on it. It's very private. I especially love my crystal butterfly Christmas ornament. I put it up every year on my Christmas tree.

Any advice to women who want to be a successful entrepreneur?
Find something you love and work hard at it and stay focused.



Watch a sneak peek of "Big Rich Atlanta" here:

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