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Trina Braxton REVEALS The DIRTY DEETS About Her "ORAL TRANSACTION" And Says She's Not A Slut!


Trina Braxton is speaking out against the backlash she's received since last week's episode of "Braxton Family Values" where she admitted to performing oral sex on a man who wasn't her husband!  Hear her explanation for the "oral transaction" inside..............

During a chat with S2S's Jamie Foster Brown, Trina Braxton responded to the backlash she's been getting from fans who were pissy that she stepped out on her husband Gabe Solis.

“Some people call me a slut, which I’ve never been. I’m a lot of things, but a slut ain’t one of them.  Other people have been very, very supportive."


Trina explained that she had been feeling vulnerable and that's what led her into the arms of another man.

“It wasn’t about getting back. It was about my own self-esteem."

When asked why she performed oral sex instead of just having full-on intercourse she said,

 “Honestly, Auntie Jamie, I’m one of those people, I don’t have but so many notches on my belt.  When it comes down to it, numbers mean a lot to me, and I’ve never been the type of woman to spread myself thin and let every Tom, Dick and Harry—or every Tom’s hairy d*ck—to associate with me and my body; not to sound vulgar. 
I don’t allow that with my body; I just don’t. I do not. I did not, and I will not.”

She went on to reveal that the incident actually happened a few years ago but she chose to reveal it to Gabe recently (and yes.....he was told about it BEFORE the show).

But one has to wonder, why would Trina put her business in the streets like that?  She said,

“One of the reasons, Auntie Jamie, is that throughout the season, first starting with season 1 and then in season 2, we kept talking about Gabe did this and Gabe did that and Gabe cheated… at the end of the day, everybody was feeling like Gabe was this bad guy and Trina was this princess. That’s not the truth, Auntie Jamie. It’s not a one-way street. He is not the only one with fault in this marriage.”

And as she reflected on the "transaction" it seemed like Trina was truly sorry that it happened...but it taught her a lesson. 

 “I learned some things about myself. I am imperfect in my marriage. I am not without blame.  As much as I try to say the scales aren’t even, doing somebody wrong is doing somebody wrong, no matter how even or uneven the scale might be. And two wrongs do not make it right." 


True......but did Gabe deserve it?

Gabe did cheat on Trina NUMEROUS times throughout their marriage and Trina admitted that they hadn't been intimate for awhile.  So does that give Trina the right to creep?

Whose side are you on?  Should a person be allowed to step outside of their relationship to "get even" or seek the intimacy they're missing at home? 

SPEAK ON IT.......



Listen to the S2S interview here:


And watch Trina reveal her oral transaction at the (7:07) mark and also see the reactions of her sisters!

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