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NEW MUSIC: Willow Smith's "Sugar & Spice"



Willow Smith just released a brand new song for her fans...and apparently her haters as well.  Check out her airy and melancholy "Sugar & Spice" inside...

Willow is back with her pre-teen angst on "Sugar & Spice."  Shes singing from a seemingly darker place than her "Whip My Hair" track where she claims to be drowning from all of the screaming, criticisms, and whatever else sends a a per-pubescent girl into a tizzy.  She may be the daughter of Hollywood Royalty who seems to lead a charmed life spending her days making music, shopping and chillin' with friends instead of slaving over her long division in school.  But she's telling us she has her problems as well. 

The singer/actress says in the song:

Take a swing at me/I'll fight/Till the death/My light is bright/I tried to be sugar and spice/But I'm melancholy and can't do anything right

The monsters under my bed keeping making noise at night/I just want silence

Love the vibe actually, but we constantly have to remind ourselves it's a 12-year-old singing.  Sounds like homegirl has been going through some deep moments...deeper than necessary at that age.

You feelin' it?

*UPDATE* Willow sampled Radiohead’s "Codex" from the band's latest album The King Of Limbs.

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