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Rapper PnB Rock, 30, Tragically Killed In Horrific Shooting At Roscoe's, 'Location Sharing' Discussed


30-year-old rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot yesterday while dining at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles with his girlfriend.  Now, the shocking tragedy has left the hip hop community reeling and in a heated discussion about the dangerous lives of rappers.

Monday afternoon, just days after he revealed someone tried to rob him recently while he was with his girlfriend and their baby, "My Ex" rapper PnB Rock was gunned down at Roscoe's in South Central, L.A.

The horrible incident was caught on video, which showed the aftermath with Rock laying on the floor in a pool of his blood, but he was still moving.  We won't be sharing the video here.  Cops are still looking for the suspect(s) at-large.

According to TMZ:

PnB was eating inside the restaurant with his girlfriend, Steph Sibounheuang, when the suspect entered, targeting the rapper for his jewelry and opening fire


Law enforcement sources say they got a call to the restaurant at 1:23 in the afternoon for a shooting victim.

We don't yet have any info on the shooter, but we know PnB was there dining with his girlfriend, Steph, who posted a photo of their meal. A source connected to the restaurant tells TMZ ... it appears the shooter targeted PnB, because no one else was shot or assaulted, and there were plenty of people eating inside the restaurant.

Earlier in the day, the Philly native posted IG Stories showing himself in the jewelry and him and Steph driving around.  Then, before the shooting, Steph posted a pic of their plates, and tagged the Roscoe's location. 


Just a day prior, PnB shared his location in IG Stories while shopping and told people about the store he was in.  A day prior to that, both Steph and PnB shared pics and video of them at rapper Tee Grizzley's engagement party. So it seemed to be something both of them did regularly while out enjoying themselves.


Rock's death and what led to it sparked a discussion on social media about the dangers of location sharing, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and more chiming in:


Yet, many are strictly blaming his girlfriend, and even questioning if it's a set up.  DJ Drama is now speaking up and explaining that people need to hate the streets, not his girlfriend:

Police sources tell TMZ there's no evidence the shooting was prompted by a social media post, and Drama tells TMZ Hip Hop ... everyone reacting to PnB's murder shouldn't be making Steph feel any worse than she already is, and instead, should try to uplift her.

Drama points to the wavering economy, and what it means for Black people's financial opportunities -- he believes that's one of the many reasons the cycle of violence continues.

He says cities like Atlanta, New York and Chicago are just as crime-ridden as L.A. ... and rappers with something to lose should start traveling with more vigilance.

Points are definitely being made.

As of today, the Roscoe's crime scene has been cleaned up and the location is already back open for business, says TMZ:

The South L.A. location where the rapper was killed is open for business Tuesday, and these pics from inside show some employees working, clearing empty plates from tables. We're told the restaurant was fully functioning and had been cleaned after Monday's shooting, but understandably, there aren't many customers sitting down to eat.

What's more, we're told employees who were working during the shooting were given the day off.


Wow. R.I.P. to Rakim Allen, aka PnB Rock. Our condolences go out to his two daughters, Milan and Xuri, and all of his loved ones.

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