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LeBron James’ Appearance At Jamal Crawford’s CrawsOver Pro-Am Was Cut Short + Jayson Tatum & More NBA Stars Hit The Court


LeBron James made an appearance at Jamal Crawford’s CrawsOver Pro-AM event, but his time on the court was cut short. Find out why, plus see NBA star JaysonTatum and more hit the court inside…

The city of Seattle was filled with excitement yesterday with anticipation to see NBA’s GOAT LeBron James hit the court. Making his return to Seattle for the first time in 15 years, LeBron James pulled up at Jamal Crawford’s Crawsover Pro-Am League held at Seattle Pacific University (SPU).

On Friday, LeBron tweeted:



"SEATTLE LETS GET IT!! Been over 15+ years since I've been back and played ball! Well the wait is almost over!! The is BACK! @JCrossover! #ThekidfromAKRON"

A large crowd began to gather at SPU early Saturday morning in hopes of seeing King James do his thing on the court. Entrance was free to the public, but the venue filled up quickly…to no one’s surprise.



As King James walked inside of the gym, pandemonium ensued as everyone was trying to get a picture of the NBA icon:



A visual reminder that he’s one of the biggest stars in the world.

Other NBA players in the mix included All-Stars IsaiahThomas (a native of Tacoma, Washington), DejounteMurray and Jayson Tatum, as well as high-profile rookies PaoloBanchero and ChetHolmgren.

Basically, it was an all-star game on the campus of SPU.

Watch LeBron & Jayson put in work on the court below:

This was Jayson’s first time at the event where he scored 20 points before the 2nd quarter:

Unfortunately for b'ball fans and the players, the game was cut short. During the second quarter, the game was cancelled due to player safety concerns related to condensation on the court. The court was apparently too slippery for the players to perform safely. 

Atlantic reporter Michael-ShawnDugar tweeted, ”You could tell LeBron knew it wasn’t safe to be out on that floor. Could see him whispering to Rich Paul at one point. Then MarJon Beauchamp tried a dunk & couldn’t get any traction. Jamal Crawford called the game after that and Bron looked at Rich like, ‘I called it.’”

Jamal Crawford - the only three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year winner - took to Twitter to explain why he ended the game before half-time and to apologize to fans who couldn’t get inside.


”Few things..,” he started off. "1) I’m sorry for those who couldn’t get in. Truly… 2) I had to make the decision to stop the game to protect the players. Tough, but right decision. 3) Thank you to all of the stars showing our city love!!!!"

King James also took to Twitter to reflect on the “special day” he had in Seattle yesterday:

“SEATTLE!! That was SPECIAL yesterday!! WHOA,” LeBron tweeted. “Even with us having to stop play because of things we couldn't control! I appreciate the love and hospitality towards me and my folks who came along for the show!”

”Yesterday will be something we talk about forever!,” Jamal responded to LeBron.“You understood what it meant for our community, and went above and beyond for Seattle. Forever indebted!!!”

Jayson also posted a tweet about all the fun he had:

Sucks the game had to end early, but it was something the city needed and King James came through!

Photo: ChinaImages/Depositphotos

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