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FRIDAY HEAT: Jay-Z Reminds Everyone Why He’s The OVERqualified GOAT On Khaled’s ‘God Did’, City Girls & Late, Lil Baby, JID & More DROP


WHEW! Jay-Z has everyone fired up over his verse on DJ Khaled’s new track “God Did,” featuring JohnLegend, RickRoss and LilWayne. Hear his buzzy bars, plus check out new drops from CityGirls and Latto, Lil Baby, JID and more inside…

DJ Khaled released his 12th studio album, GOD DID, and everyone’s talking about one thing: Jay-Z!

The title track, “God Did,” features vocals from John Legend and hot lyrics from Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and the undeniable goat, Jay-Z. And let’s just say, the people are saying this 4-minute verse from Hov is one of the best he’s ever released in his career. Sheesh!

The Roc Nation honcho is talking that ISH on the new verse, taking credit for making four billionaires, including himself, KanyeWest, Rihanna, as well as NBA legend LeBronJames, who he dubbed a “Roc Boy.”



He rapped:

”Nobody touched the billi' until Hov did/How many billionaires can come from Hov crib?/I count three, me, Ye and Rih/Bron's a Roc boy, so four, technically (Woo)”



Hov’s crazy wordplay is hitting folks’ soul on a spiritual level:


Hov’s longtime engineer, YoungGuru, posted a video of himself explaining one of Jay-Z’s lines on the song where he formulates his lyrics to have several meanings. Guru broke down this verse:

“I put my hustle onto Forbes, can you believe this guy? /Then we said, f*ck it, and took the dope public / Out the mud, they gotta face you now, you can’t make up this shit /Judge it how you judge it, say we goin’ corporate / Nah, we just corner boys with the corner office.”

In the clip, Guru shared the NYC rapper has hidden meanings sprinkled all throughout his bars on the track and that every line is connected to the next.

“So one, on one level is like ok we got it out the mud, and you know Emory’s backstory of him going to jail, him taking the charges, him taking the time right,” Guru said. “But when you get a facial, what do you do? You’re cleaning your face, you taking away all the bumps, all the bruises, all the scars, all the blemishes when you get a facial.”

Hov mentioned his friend Emory “Vegas” Jones, who did a prison bid, but now is legitimately doing business. And y’all know “THEY” hate that!

“What do they use to do the facial? The mud, so it’s the makeup on the face, but also with the facial, right, with the mud, it’s basically saying you can’t come to me with a face done being fake. The make up is it not really your real face. It’s not just for women, men come in with makeup on, too. Not in the physical sense.”

Check out the clip below:



Later in the song, the 24-time Grammy winner referenced Meek Mill’s departure from Roc Nation management last month after a decade working with them, squashing rumors that there was beef.

“Me and Meek could never beef/ I freed that n***a from a whole bid/Hov did/Next time we have a discussion who the GOAT, you donkeys know this”

The Philly rapper hopped on Twitter to respond:



”Never!!!!!!,” Meek responded to Chino Braxton’s tweet about the verse.

King James took to Twitter to react as well:



”HOV DID!!!,” he tweeted.

Take a listen to the song that has everyone in a chokehold below:

Below are a few Twitter reactions to Hov’s 4-minute verse:









Another bop on Khaled’s album…

Sampling Mr. Cheeks “Lights, Camera, Action!,” City Girl team up with Latto for another anthem for the girlies. Take a listen above.

On the music video front…

Riding high on the momentum of the new album, Khaled released visuals featuring Atlanta’s finest, Future and Lil Baby for his track, “Big Time.” Watch Future, Lil Baby and Khaled hang out on a beachside villa with a few ladies above.



Rapper JID released his much-anticipated album, The Forever Story, that boasts features from Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, Lil Durk, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Baby Tate, and fellow Dreamville artist AriLennox.

Take a listen to his track “Can’t Make U Change” featuring Ari below:

Nicki Minaj dropped Queen Radio Vol. 1, which features some of her greatest hits from over the years. 



Looking for MORE music for the weekend?! Check out our Fabulous AF playlist below:

Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File

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