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Garcelle’s Son Jax Embroiled In Extreme Racist Attack Drama From Fans Of ‘RHOBH’ Stars Erika & Diana


Garcelle Beauvais’ son Jax speaks out after he was hit with racially motivated attacks on social media from fans of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Erika Jayne and Diana Jenkins. Read his response, plus what BRAVO has to say about it all inside…

Fans of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” have reached a new low.

Fans of “RHOBH” stars ErikaJayne and DianaJenkins have launched an extreme social media attack on GarcelleBeauvais’ teenage son, Jax, where they have flooded his Instagram with harassment and racist comments.

Jax, Garcelle’s 14-year-old twin son, took to social media recently to react to the racist attacks he has been receiving online. His first week of high school and he was dealing with middle-aged women spamming his IG page with hateful comments.

To respond, Jax took a screen recording of himself scrolling through IG notifications where people were going IN on his family accusing Garcelle of "using race for everything."


“I’m a f**king 14 year old leave me alone please,” he captioned the footage.

Many of the comments targeted Jax’s older brother Oliver’s battle with addition. Other comments called the 53-year-old a "D-list actress" and warned her to leave Diana alone.

Then, someone posted this…

”You’d have your neck kneeled on if it weren’t for your white daddy,” the troll wrote in reference to the murder of George Floyd by a police officer.“Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you’ll deal with us.”

”too far at this point,” Jax wrote on the screenshot.


Here’s more attacks that were posted on his social media account:



In response to the craziness, Garcelle reposted a message from Jax on her IG Story in response to the extreme harassment he has been receiving.

”Well I'd like to start off by saying I am still a kid and wish to not be viewed as a fully matured adult, because I am not one. it is currently my first week of high school and, instead of enjoying it like most kids at my school, I have to deal with being attacked on social media," he wrote.

"I did not sign up for this show, nor do I have anything to do with the show's drama. I just want to be a normal kid,” he continued. "However, middle-aged women spamming me with racist and crude comments about my family is not what I expected for my first week of high school."

He concluded by thanking fans who have been supportive and announced he’s making his IG account private.



The Coming to America star took to social media herself to condemn the social media attacks aimed at her son, writing, "I'm usually a very strong woman I've been raised to be strong my life has taught me to be strong but when it comes to my kids! It hurts it's not OK. I've been in tears all night. it's just a TV show people scream at your TV throw something at your TV but leave our kids alone #RHOBH."

BRAVO - the network behind “RHOBH” - released a statement on their social media account, condemning fans for online harassment.

”We are shocked and appalled at the social comments directed at Garcelle's son," the statement reads. "We urge our viewers and social followers alike to refrain from targeting our cast and their families with hateful rhetoric."

Garcelle shared BRAVO’s statement on her Instagram:


The online harassment stems from controversial scenes on Season 12 of the reality series. In one scene, Erika Jayne CURSED at Jax during Garcelle’s 55th birthday celebration. She drunkenly told Jax to “get the f**k out" of his mother’s birthday party during a July episode. At the same party, Erika hit on Garcelle's' eldest son, Oliver, who other castmates said she "tried to bang."  Chile….

Also, “RHOBH” newbie Diana Jenkins and Garcelle got into it on social media as they were at odds over Diana’s treatment of castmate Sutton Stracke.

It’s ridiculous grown women are acting in this manner where they are attacking CHILDREN online. It’s unacceptable and it needs to stop NOW.

Photo: Jean_Nelson/Depositphotos

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